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Online PMP Exam Coaching for the 2011 Exam starts every Monday

Due to the popular demand and valuable feedback from you, PMChamp brings you an intense Online PMP Training workshop, which is aligned with and structured according to the newly updated 2011 PMP Exam Format (after 31-August-2011).

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PMP Exam Preparation – Things to Note

Thinking of gaining the PMP Certification to boost your career as a Project Manager?

Here are some key information regarding the PMP Examination, which will assist you in your Preparation.

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PMP Certification Requirements and Exam Eligibility Criteria

To gain the PMP Credential, you need to make sure that you meet the minimum eligibility criteria set by PMI, which includes professional experience, formal project management training, and academic qualifications.

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PMP Exam Preparation: Product Reviews

Project Management Institute (or PMI) publishes the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) guide every three years. The current version – PMBOK Fourth Edition is thoroughly revised, updated, and the processes rationalized.

Although a great reference on Project management, the PMBOK Guide does not provide you with enough material to prepare for the PMP Exam. It does not tell you about the kind of questions that make up the exam, and it does not tell you how to go about planning your studies, preparing for the exam, and what to focus on. It is just theory, plain and simple, and boring.

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Benefits of PMP Certification Training

PMP is one of the best professional credential in the field of Project Management. PMP certification has grown in prominence over the last decade and has become a sought-after credential, according to the Project Management Institute or PMI.

The Project Management Guidelines, Methodologies, tools and techniques, and the entire framework of 9 knowledge areas, 5 process groups, and the entire 42 processes  provide you with a more holistic view of project management, enriching your knowledge.

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PMP Exam Passing Score in 2010

The Project Management Professional Certification exam, or the PMP exam consists of 200 multiple choice questions, to be completed within 4 hours.

There is no negative marking, so you should attempt each and every question, even if you have to guess.

Of these 200 questions, only 175 are testable. This means that there are 25 “pre-test” questions, which are only there to test the suitability of the exam question for future exam takers.

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What is a Project Charter?

A Project Charter is a formal document that authorizes the start of a project. It names and appoints a project manager, assigns a summary budget, establishes a project time line, and documents key assumptions and constraints. The project boundary, its key deliverables – the mission of the project are documented as much as possible.

One key thing to remember is that although the project management team may help to write the project charter, approval and funding are handled external to the project boundaries. This means that the funding, and go ahead for the project is given by someone external to the project. This could be the Management of the company who is authorizing the project for strategic reasons. These people are not involved in the day to day running of the project, but are the driving force behind the project.

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PMP Success Tip: Think Differently

Passing the PMP exam requires you to think in ways you may not be aware of. A traditional approach to project management, and your years of experience may not come in handy when answering PMP questions.

Don’t believe me? – Just try out a few mock test papers, and you will realize that the answers you thought to be the most accurate isn’t correct most of the time. You are in for a big surprise if you continue studying for the exam by relying on your experience or your gut feel.

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Importance of PMP Training and Certification

A lot of people have asked me about the importance of obtaining the PMP certification.  Some asked if it is really required, and if it proves any point Рgiven that they achieve real experience in executing projects in the real life, and learn from them.

Well, I must say that all my life I was selected for all the jobs I held in the corporate world based on my merit, my experience, my capabilities, and I didn’t bother about any certifications in the corporate world.

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Hot Info about PMP Exam Questions

Here is some important informational nuggets about the PMP examination…

1. The PMP exam comprises of 200 questions. You need to score atleast 61% to clear the exam. Doesn’t look too difficult, right?

2. There are about 25 questions that do not count towards your passing score. They are just there for review of PMI, to consider them for future exams.

3. Many questions will contain a lot of information which is of no use. It has to be ignored. However, many students get caught trying to assimilate all this information, and get lost. Our PMP Exam preparation training program will help you to identify such questions, among other tips and tricks for attempting the exam.

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