Here is some important informational nuggets about the PMP examination…

1. The PMP exam comprises of 200 questions. You need to score atleast 61% to clear the exam. Doesn’t look too difficult, right?

2. There are about 25 questions that do not count towards your passing score. They are just there for review of PMI, to consider them for future exams.

3. Many questions will contain a lot of information which is of no use. It has to be ignored. However, many students get caught trying to assimilate all this information, and get lost. Our PMP Exam preparation training program will help you to identify such questions, among other tips and tricks for attempting the exam.

4. Once your application for the exam is approved, you have one year to pass the exam. We will provide you with assistance and important points to consider while filling up your exam application.

5. Conceptual Understanding – There are many questions that require you to apply concepts, and can’t be solved by using memorization alone.

6. Double-Reverse Logic questions – A popular technique of test designers, these types of questions ask about a topic using reverse or double-reverse logic. Generally, you need to select the exception from the four possible options.

Many more of such exam tips, practical advice, and even experiences of previous successful PMP exam takers (now PMPs) are shared with you, to help you prepare better. We continue to strive to get our students to clear the PMP in their First attempt!

Vinai Prakash