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Difference between Standand & Regulation for PMP exam

ISO Standards

ISO Standards

Clarity on the definition of a “standard” and a “regulation” can help you get questions right on the PMP exam conducted by PMI.

According to the PMBOK guide 3rd edition ( which is applicable if you are planning to sit for your PMP exam by June 30, 2009), the definition is given below:

A standard
is a “document established by consensus and approved by a recognized body that provides, for common and repeated use, rules, guidelines or characteristics for activities or their results, aimed at achievement of the optimum degree of order in a given context.”

For example, the size of a computer disk, or a QWERTY keyboard, and the ISO standards are examples.

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What is PMP and PMI?

PMI - Project Management Institute

PMI – Project Management Institute

PMI stands for the Project Management Institute. PMI is the world’s leading not-for-profit association for the project management profession. It became popular because it administers the PMP ( Project Management Professional) exam, and provides the PMP credentials to anyone who has the required minimum experience, and passes the exam.

The Project Management Professional (or PMP) certification has become the de facto certification for project managers. Some companies even demand it in their job specifications. Just having the words “PMP” printed on your business card can have a great effect on your prospects, customers and friends.

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Difference Between Quality & Grade for PMP Exam

A High Quality, Low Grade Diamond

A High Quality, Low Grade Diamond

Many people, specially new to the PMI terminology get confused between Quality and Grade. They think that they are synonymous. However, there is a clear difference between quality and grade, and this often appears in PMP Exams as a question.
According to the PMBOK, 3rd Edition,
Quality is “The degree to which a set of inherent characteristics fulfills requirements”.

Grade is “a category or rank used to distinguish items that have the same functional use (e.g., “hammer”), but do not share the same requirements for quality (e.g., different hammers may need to withstand different amounts of force)”.

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10 Important Points for PMP Exam

To pass the PMP exam, you need to have some key points ingrained in your mind forever. These themes are echoed again and again in test questions. These are simple principles, and once you understand them, you will be better prepared for the exams.

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