Thinking of gaining the PMP Certification to boost your career as a Project Manager?

Here are some key information regarding the PMP Examination, which will assist you in your Preparation.

1. Know more about PMI and What is the PMP Exam all about. The PMP exam is quite different from other exams. Although it is a multiple choice question paper, it is quite tough.

2. You need to have atleast 3 years experience as a project leader or project manager. Make sure you have the required Education, Experience and Training. Check out the Eligibility Criteria for Taking the PMP Exam here.

3. You can also take this PMP training online. However, it is best to attend a Classroom training in your city. Check out a comprehensive PMP Training Directory at

At Intellisoft Systems in Singapore, we offer Weekdays & Weekend PMP Exam Preparation Workshops that span a total of 5 days, and provide you with a certificate for 35 Contact Hours. This certificate is a requirement to get your formal Project Management Training.

4. You need to have a complete PMP Study Plan. Study a couple hours every day for the next 4-6 weeks at a minimum to prepare for the PMP Exam. You can create a Study Plan for your PMP Studies, with some help here.

With a disciplined approach and perseverance, you can prepare for the PMP Exam easily.

5. There are many PMP Exam Preparation books out there in the market. But not all of them are suitable or updated to the latest edition. Get a list of Recommended PMP Preparation Books for preparing properly, based on the Best Books, which are latest, and updated with the changed questions.

Do note that the PMP Exam is changing from August 30, 2011.

6. The only way to know your readiness for the PMP Exam is to take a mock test. If you are able to score 85% marks or above, then you are considered ready to take the exam. But if you are not getting a high score, you might have to study harder, and then take another test.

As you know, reading about project management is a dry subject. So the only way to learn is to read, and then do some mock PMP Exam questions and test your readiness for the exam.

There are many mock tests available in the market. Most are online tests that you can take anywhere. Check out some good Mock PMP Tests here.

7. Although the PMP exam is from PMI, the actual exam is conducted at Prometric. Once your application is approved, and you have made the payment, you can schedule the PMP Exam at any Prometric centre, through their website.

And if you have any questions regarding PMP, you can use some of the Best PMP Exam Prep Forums. They are manned by PMPs and you can get answers quickly.

I hope these tips and advice will help you to better prepare for your PMP Exam. If you have any questions regarding your experience, qualifications, or Study Plan, feel free to write to me.

If you happen to be in SIngapore, you can actually attend a PMP Training in Singapore and meet me at the same time. Check the latest Training Schedule on the Intellisoft Home Page.

All the Best in your PMP Exam Preparation!

Vinai, PMP

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