This PMP Certification Training is based on the Project Management Framework laid out by the Project Management Institute (PMI), in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).

Course Objective

pmp course training

This Project Management Prep Training Course objective is to impart the required knowledge to project managers aspiring to get PMP certification from PMI.

PMP Exam Prep Course Outline

- Introduction to PMI, PMP Exam
- Overview of Project Management
- Creating a project charter
- Scope management plan
- Developing project schedule
- Group discussions & exercises of Mock PMP exam questions

- Create cost baseline costs
- Create quality management plan
- Create human resources management plan
- Create communication management plan
- Group discussions & exercises of Mock PMP Exam questions

- Create risk management plan
- Create procurement management plan
- Executing the project
- Monitoring and controlling the project
- Group discussions & exercises for practicing PMP exam questions and answers

- Monitoring and controlling the project
- Bringing the Project to a close
- Group discussions & exercises
- Effective Use of Project Planning Tools and Templates

- How to become a PMI Certified PMP
- PMP Application and Approval / Exam Booking & Taking the PMP Exam – Process Walkthru
- Professional Ethics & Responsibilities
- Mock PMP Certification Exam

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