How To Turn Data Into Information

8 Habits of Highly Effective Data Analysts

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Do you see how data analysis is a long process before you get to the insights…

Extracting the data, cleansing it, creating a common data repository/data model, applying the visualization techniques in your tool of choice (Excel, Power BI, Python), and comparing various factors to begin to make sense of your data takes time and patience.

But this is worth the effort, for the insights that begin to appear are like¬†Gold for your business…¬†all the things you find that help you & your organization save money, generate more revenue, and ultimately, become more profitable!

Discover the 8 Habits of Highly Effective Data Analysts.

8 Must-Do Steps to Make You a Savvy Analyst.

Get Ready to Glean Insights From Your Data Quickly!

Begin Your Journey to Become a Pro Data Analyst!

Turn Data Into Information - Straits Times Article by Vinai Prakash

Our Founder, Vinai Prakash Wrote For The Straits Times.

Turning Data Into Information

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