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Basic Excel Training Singapore

Microsoft Excel Fundamentals

Learn the Basics of Excel to perform every day tasks easily and quickly. Pick Shortcuts, Functions, Formatting, Charting & more...

Project Management

Accelerate Your Career With PMP Certification. Manage professionally with Best Practices in Project Management.

Advanced Excel Training

Advanced Excel Courses

Learn Pivot Tables, Macros, Functions like VLOOKUP, Combine multiple worksheets & Workbooks, Charts & more...

Creating Killer Presentations

Create Killer Presentations

Master the art of impressing any audience with a Killer Presentation! Make the right impact & mesmerize with an impactful presentation.

Excel VBA Training @Intellisoft

Excel VBA Macro Programming

Automate routine tasks by writing VBA Macros in Excel. Beginner level. Build Productivity with Forms, Loops, Controls & Buttons in Excel.

Communicate & Present With Style

Mastering Soft Skills

Expand your horizon with Better Communication skills, Body Language, Time Management & Stress Management...

Training Grant Information

Training grants are available from Singapore government  to Companies & Individuals:

SDF, SkillsFuture, WSQ Grants & More…

What People Are Saying

"What I love about this training is that the trainers make sure we learn the steps and are able to do it on our own. This is a real advantage and I will definitely come back for more practical training"
Michele Martin
HR Manager
“The training was everything I hoped for, and more. Intellisoft Systems really makes a difference, I would have never discovered the hidden features of the sotftware on my own. Thanks a lot Intellisoft !"
Joy Tan
Project Engineer

Corporate Training

Want to Train the Department or the entire team?

Intellisoft offers Customized Corporate Training at your office.

All Courses: Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, C, Java Programming, Excel VBA, Communication Skills, Presentation Skills etc. are available.

Some of the companies that experienced our trainings

Public Training Classes

Join any of our Public Classes at Intellisoft to Upgrade your skills.

At Intellisoft, we offer public classes all year round.

You can attend short, practical courses on Excel, PowerPoint, VBA Macro Programming,  Communication & Presentation Skills among other courses.

Join Intellisoft for Best Excel Courses in Singapore

Intellisoft offers the best Corporate Training for Microsoft Excel Courses, PowerPoint courses, Python programming, and  Power BI Courses in Singapore.

Excel Courses

Power Point Courses

Power BI Courses

Python Courses for Beginners & Intermediate Users

Soft Skills Training Courses for Self Improvement

PMP Courses for Project Management 

IT Courses in Singapore

With over 20 years of Training Experience, Intellisoft Systems is providing high quality corporate training courses to Singapore government, MNCs, SMEs, and Individual Singaporeans & PRs & Foreigners since 2003.

Our pool of expert, certified trainers is available to train your workforce, and improve their efficiency and productivity.

Ultimately, better knowledge improves our lifestyle, our work life balance, and reduces stress. It gives us meaning in life.

Here are some useful articles written by our pool of expert trainers, and our founders.

Popular Articles From Intellisoft Systems Trainers

Learn Python for Data Analysis at Intellisoft Singapore

Why Learn Python For Data Analysis: An Eye Opener

Python Popularity Wondering Why Learn Python? The workplace has already changed. As technology continues to rapidly transform industries & jobs, staying relevant & competitive requires continuously updating, diversifying, and building completely new skill sets. Today, Data analysis is no longer the job of IT folks. Everyone is required to analyze the past, adapt to change,

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What is Your Next Step after Learning Advanced Excel?

What is Your Next Step After Learning Excel?

What is Your Next Step After Learning Excel? Wondering what to pursue after learning Excel? Let us find the answer. Before that, let’s first read a quick short story. Once upon a time, a very strong woodcutter asked for a job in a timber merchant. The pay was good and so were the working conditions.

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Learn SQL to query any database quickly in Singapore

What is SQL & Why You Should Learn It

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It is the language used to interact with any RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL. Attending a SQL training course will teach you how to query SQL databases, step by step. The most common types of requests are where you want to pick out

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Data Interpretation & Analysis

Top 5 cool Career options that rely on Data Analysis

What Is Data Analysis? And How Can You Start Learning It Today! Did you know that Data science and Analysis positions are often the hardest ones for a company to fill? Thanks to exploding demand for data professionals, there are a ton of open roles and not enough candidates to fill them. Translation? Data analysis

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Features of Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project: An Ultimate Tool For a Successful Project

Project managers are the amazing people in companies, that get the job done. They strategize, plan, build, enhance and repair, and finally get the project delivered. Constantly fighting tight resources, a short timeline, and minimum budgets, they handle multiple projects at the same time, and still are able to deliver to the client. Their main

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Learn Excel Lookup Functions Easily

Some of the most popular Excel Lookup reference functions are VLOOKUP & HLOOKUP. A newly added XLOOKUP is becoming very popular too. (XLOOKUP is currently only available in Office 365 versions). At Intellisoft, you can learn it by joining the XLOOKUP Training course in Singapore using Microsoft Office 365. For the power users of Excel,

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FAQ About Advanced Excel Training

How To Learn Advanced Excel Fast

Advanced Excel FAQ: What is Advanced Excel, Why should you learn it, How to learn Advanced Excel in Singapore – A Fast Start Guide to Becoming an Expert at Advanced Excel Skills Every organization uses Microsoft Excel in their day to day work. Most employees & managers know Excel to some extent. And they are

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Achieved Reporting Nirvana with Intellisoft Singapore

Have You Achieved Reporting Nirvana?

Huh! What’s that? Just see the image below & check where you see yourself – in Reporting Hell or Reporting Nirvana… If you are trapped in Reporting Hell, here’s your Typical Reporting Day Step 1: Bring the latest data files each month. This could be in Text, CSV, Excel files.Step 2: Open each file. Step

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Advanced Excel Course Content

Advanced Excel Course in Singapore

Advanced Excel course in Singapore is available at Intellisoft Systems. Excel is a high-end spreadsheet software that is used in business. From simple data entry officers to analysts to managers, everyone loves to use Excel. This is a higher end training, focusing on the Advanced Level of Microsoft Excel. If you are new to Excel

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Microsoft PowerPoint Training at Intellisoft

5 Impressive Features of Power Point You Never Knew

Been using PowerPoint For Long? See if you know these hidden features to make impressive presentations & Seal The Deal! They say a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. The most memorable presentations are those that not only deliver powerful content—but also include visual appeal. Microsoft PowerPoint has the much-needed powerful and visual punch to

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Time Management Workshop in Singapore at Intellisoft

10 Practical Ways to Improve Time Management Skills

Do you often feel stressed out with too much work or too many responsibilities? Even if you work harder in completing the tasks, it seems that you have more tasks on hand than you have time to do them… This creates a feeling of overwhelm, and a sense of being out of control. Living in

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