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How To Calculate CPF Contribution Using Microsoft Excel - Free Template in Excel

How To Calculate CPF Contribution With Excel [2022 Update]

UPDATED FOR CPF CONTRIBUTION RATE CHANGES FROM THE YEAR 2022 Learn how to Calculate CPF contribution for Employees and Employers in Singapore by using Microsoft Excel. This covers Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents SPRs. Singapore CPF Rules In Singapore, all salaried employees need to contribute 5-20% of their salary, depending on age to their

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Learn Excel Lookup Functions Easily

Some of the most popular Excel Lookup reference functions are VLOOKUP & HLOOKUP. A newly added XLOOKUP is becoming very popular too. (XLOOKUP is currently only available in Office 365 versions). At Intellisoft, you can learn it by joining the XLOOKUP Training course in Singapore using Microsoft Office 365. For the power users of Excel,

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Advanced Excel Course Content

Advanced Excel Course in Singapore

Advanced Excel course in Singapore is available at Intellisoft Systems. Excel is a high-end spreadsheet software that is used in business. From simple data entry officers to analysts to managers, everyone loves to use Excel. This is a higher end training, focusing on the Advanced Level of Microsoft Excel. If you are new to Excel

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How To Calculate Customer Engagement Using Social Media?

How To Calculate Customer Engagement Using Social Media?

The rising engagement of people in social media platforms have attracted all the brands towards social media. So, Brands have started to craft graphical story around the key brand value and offerings for better Customer Engagement using Social Media. The challenge today is to find how engaged are your customers with your Social Media Pages.

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What is Your Next Step after Learning Advanced Excel?

What is Your Next Step After Learning Excel?

What is Your Next Step After Learning Excel? Wondering what to pursue after learning Excel? Let us find the answer. Before that, let’s first read a quick short story. Once upon a time, a very strong woodcutter asked for a job in a timber merchant. The pay was good and so were the working conditions.

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What is Power BI: A Must-Have Skill For Analysts & Decision Makers

What is Power BI: Intro to the Most Powerful Visualization Tool from Microsoft The world runs with Technology but ruled by Data. Learning to process, manage, analyze and present data can lead to a flourishing Career Path. Becoming a Data Analyst is the new cool. Data analysis as a career path has a bright future

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Microsoft Office Training in Singapore

Are You Microsoft Office Proficient?

Every job seeker would have this word written in their resume – Microsoft Office Proficiency.   What Exactly is Microsoft Office Proficiency? A Microsoft Office Proficient should be able to create an error-free, beautifully formatted document with header, footer, page number & Page breaks. In Excel, they should be able to handle a large volume

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Learn SQL to query any database quickly in Singapore

What is SQL & Why You Should Learn It

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It is the language used to interact with any RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL. Attending a SQL training course will teach you how to query SQL databases, step by step. The most common types of requests are where you want to pick out

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