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Microsoft Office Training in Singapore

Are You Microsoft Office Proficient?

Every job seeker would have this word written in their resume – Microsoft Office Proficiency.   What Exactly is Microsoft Office Proficiency? A Microsoft Office Proficient should be able to create an error-free, beautifully formatted document with header, footer, page number & Page breaks. In Excel, they should be able to handle a large volume

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Learn SQL to query any database quickly in Singapore

What is SQL & Why You Should Learn It

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It is the language used to interact with any RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL. Attending a SQL training course will teach you how to query SQL databases, step by step. The most common types of requests are where you want to pick out

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FAQ About Advanced Excel Training

How To Learn Advanced Excel Fast

Advanced Excel FAQ: What is Advanced Excel, Why should you learn it, How to learn Advanced Excel in Singapore – A Fast Start Guide to Becoming an Expert at Advanced Excel Skills Every organization uses Microsoft Excel in their day to day work. Most employees & managers know Excel to some extent. And they are

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Features of Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project: An Ultimate Tool For a Successful Project

Project managers are the amazing people in companies, that get the job done. They strategize, plan, build, enhance and repair, and finally get the project delivered. Constantly fighting tight resources, a short timeline, and minimum budgets, they handle multiple projects at the same time, and still are able to deliver to the client. Their main

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Grab Adobe Illustrator now

Learn Adobe Illustrator & Become a Graphic designer

Crayons, Colors, Paints, Sketches, Drawings, Art… In our childhood, most of us used to be so crazy about art supplies and colors. Many would continue to have such obsessions. Being creative and artistic is definitely a boon. Isn’t it interesting to grab the necessary tools to enhance the skill set? Isn’t it exciting to change

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Exciting Microsoft Excel Shortcuts You Never Knew

Microsoft Excel is one of the most used software at work. People who claim to know Microsoft Excel software mostly are the ones with basic or intermediate knowledge & understanding of Excel. The productivity increases only when we make the most out of the useful software, and gain mastery. There are many hidden gems and

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10 Exciting Tips for Engaging on Instagram

In today’s world of information consumption, we are surrounded by media, and its never been more important than now to grab your audience’s attention with high quality content. Social media channels have made it easy for brands to increase customer engagement not just through text, but through photos, videos & info graphics. Visual media are

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Data Interpretation & Analysis

Top 5 cool Career options that rely on Data Analysis

What Is Data Analysis? And How Can You Start Learning It Today! Did you know that Data science and Analysis positions are often the hardest ones for a company to fill? Thanks to exploding demand for data professionals, there are a ton of open roles and not enough candidates to fill them. Translation? Data analysis

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