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Grab Adobe Illustrator now

Learn Adobe Illustrator & Become a Graphic designer

Crayons, Colors, Paints, Sketches, Drawings, Art… In our childhood, most of us used to be so crazy about art supplies and colors. Many would continue to have such obsessions. Being creative and artistic is definitely a boon. Isn’t it interesting to grab the necessary tools to enhance the skill set? Isn’t it exciting to change

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Exciting Microsoft Excel Shortcuts You Never Knew

Microsoft Excel is one of the most used software at work. People who claim to know Microsoft Excel software mostly are the ones with basic or intermediate knowledge & understanding of Excel. The productivity increases only when we make the most out of the useful software, and gain mastery. There are many hidden gems and

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10 Exciting Tips for Engaging on Instagram

In today’s world of information consumption, we are surrounded by media, and its never been more important than now to grab your audience’s attention with high quality content. Social media channels have made it easy for brands to increase customer engagement not just through text, but through photos, videos & info graphics. Visual media are

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Data Interpretation & Analysis

Top 5 cool Career options that rely on Data Analysis

What Is Data Analysis? And How Can You Start Learning It Today! Did you know that Data science and Analysis positions are often the hardest ones for a company to fill? Thanks to exploding demand for data professionals, there are a ton of open roles and not enough candidates to fill them. Translation? Data analysis

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Time Management Workshop in Singapore at Intellisoft

10 Practical Ways to Improve Time Management Skills

Do you often feel stressed out with too much work or too many responsibilities? Even if you work harder in completing the tasks, it seems that you have more tasks on hand than you have time to do them… This creates a feeling of overwhelm, and a sense of being out of control. Living in

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Microsoft PowerPoint Training at Intellisoft

5 Impressive Features of Power Point You Never Knew

Been using PowerPoint For Long? See if you know these hidden features to make impressive presentations & Seal The Deal! They say a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. The most memorable presentations are those that not only deliver powerful content—but also include visual appeal. Microsoft PowerPoint has the much-needed powerful and visual punch to

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Advanced Word

Ultimate Use of Microsoft Word in Business

Most people struggle to get things done in Word. It is better to go for a Microsoft Word Training, to learn the key features of the software well.  After all, Microsoft Word is one of the most widely used and familiar office software in the world. It is better to invest some time into learning

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