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Understand Body Language to Impress People in Business

How to Read Unspoken Signals & Read The Body Language

Communication is made up of more than just the words we use. It is maintaining eye contact with the person you are talking to or your hand movements as you speak. Nonverbal cues such as tone of voice, gestures, and posture all play their part. Let us discuss on how we define what body language

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Microsoft Access Training in Singapore

Is Microsoft Access Still Relevant Now?

Large companies can use the corporate databases hosted on expensive servers, and then get multiple database administrators, server administrators to manage the servers. Startups, small businesses, SME companies cannot afford these luxuries. For simple to complex, single user or multiuser database applications, most solopreneurs, and SME companies rely on Microsoft Access. It is well suited,

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Hidden features of Excel

Discover Lesser Known Features of Excel

Want to go beyond the common use of Excel and Explore its Extremely Useful but Lesser-Known Features of Microsoft Excel? Microsoft Excel’s extensive features can help you to increases productivity and also saves time. Become proficient in Data Management & Business Analytics – Turn Data into Insights, Develop better tables & charts. Lesser Known Features

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Learn Power BI for Data Analysis at Intellisoft Singapore

Microsoft Power BI: Super Charge Your Data Analysis Process

Do you analyze data? Whether you work in Sales, Finance, Manufacturing, Logistics, Engineering or Customer Service, there is a constant need to analyze data. With the advent of the industrial age and the conveyor belt, gaining efficiency and reducing  errors has been a constant battle. We need more and better ways to analyze data. Today,

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Get the Most Benefits of Microsoft Outlook With Intellisoft Singapore

Best Practices For Managing Emails With Microsoft Outlook

Suffering from Monday Morning Blues?  Ever thought of a way of Managing Emails better ? One of the key reason for these blues is the deluge of emails you will receive as soon as you open your Outlook Inbox. And then throughout the day, you will keep going to meetings & discussions… Every time you

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Excel 2019 or Office 365: Intellisoft Comparison

Excel 2019 or Office 365

With Microsoft releasing new versions every 3 years, you may be wondering if you need to upgrade, and to what version. Many people are confused if they should buy Microsoft Office 2019 or Microsoft Office 365. Here we list a few considerations that will help you choose the correct version of Office The main difference

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Learn Python for Data Analysis at Intellisoft Singapore

Why Learn Python For Data Analysis: An Eye Opener

Python Popularity Wondering Why Learn Python? The workplace has already changed. As technology continues to rapidly transform industries & jobs, staying relevant & competitive requires continuously updating, diversifying, and building completely new skill sets. Today, Data analysis is no longer the job of IT folks. Everyone is required to analyze the past, adapt to change,

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