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Learn Slicer Control in Power BI at Intellisoft Singapore

Power BI Tip #5: All About Slicer Controls in Power BI

Slicers are really the key feature in Power BI, that make the Dashboards & Visualizations come alive. They add a bit of interactivity in the dashboards and allow the users to select, slice and dice the information in different ways and methods. With a slicer, you can choose any available year, and the entire report

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Learn to Enter Data in Power BI Fast with Intellisoft Singapore

Power BI Tip#4: Enter Data Into Power BI Quickly [Video]

Even though Power BI makes it extremely easy to load data from Excel and hundreds of other sources, clean it, and process it in any way, there are times when I wanted to do some testing, and bring in some test data. I didn’t want to create Excel files and store them. I only wanted

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Learn to Format Visuals in Power BI at Intellisoft Singapore

Power BI Tip #3: Quick Formatting of Power BI Visuals

The default fonts in Power BI are quite small, and there is no global setting to set the font sizes in Power BI. For every new visual you create in the Power BI dashboard, you need to change the sizes manually. This is quite painful and frustrating at times. Here is a quick way to

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Learn to Show Rows with No Data at Intellisoft Singapore

Power BI Tip #1: Show Rows With No Data

PowerBI is the latest & greatest software from Microsoft for data analysis & visualization. If you’re new, read the Introduction to Power BI Suite of Products for Data Analysis & Reporting. Today, I’ll give you a fantastic tip that will make your analysis improve. You’ll now be able to show rows with no data. PowerBI

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Achieved Reporting Nirvana with Intellisoft Singapore

Have You Achieved Reporting Nirvana?

Huh! What’s that? Just see the image below & check where you see yourself – in Reporting Hell or Reporting Nirvana… If you are trapped in Reporting Hell, here’s your Typical Reporting Day Step 1: Bring the latest data files each month. This could be in Text, CSV, Excel files.Step 2: Open each file. Step

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Learn to Write Effective Emails at Intellisoft Singapore

How To Write An Effective Email

With Virtual offices, global clients and multiple time zones, most business communication is happening over email. Yet, most people struggle at writing great, effective and professional emails. The result:  People judge you by your emails. If the email seems unprofessional, or buggy with mistakes, your and the company’s reputation is immediately tarnished. Fortunately, it is

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Microsoft Access – New Features

Using Templates in Access 2013 Using templates in Access 2013 is easy because, as with other Office programs, you can select a template right on the new document screen. Office 2013 in general boasts a lot of helpful templates to get you started on projects more quickly, and you’ll notice some interesting ones in Access

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