SDF Grants FAQ – Training Grant for Singaporeans and PRs through Skills Connect

For Companies Applying for SDF Funding from the Singapore Government, here are some key points to take note:

What is SDF Funding?

SDF stands for Skills Development Fund. It is a fund setup by the government to aid Singapore companies in getting their workers trained.
Who is Eligibe for SDF Funding?

SDF Funding is only applicable to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents of Singapore. Foreigners working in Singapore on Employment Pass, Work Permit, or Social Visit Pass or any other pass are not eligible for SDF funding for training.

  • Individuals, who are Singaporeans or PRs can not apply for SDF funding on their own. They must get their company to sponsor them for training. Only a Singapore registered company can apply for SDF funding for its employees.

    Individuals can however apply for SkillsFuture Credits to pay for their training
     (only applicable for Singaporeans aged 25 and above).
  • Only companies which contribute CPF and SDL ( Skills Development Levy ) for its employees are eligible for SDF Funding.

How to Apply for SDF Funding?

To apply for SDF funding for your employees, first go the the Skills Connect website at

To login, the company representative (usually HR, Training, Finance or Management) will have to login to the site using their Singpass ID and Password.

Once they successfully login to the SkillsConnect website, based on their company profile and status, they will see a menu of things that they can do.

For example, they can:

  • Search for Courses
  • Create Application for their employees to enroll them in Courses

Do note that the SDF Grant given for their employees may differ for each employee, due to many factors like age, salary, experience, and qualifications, and the status of the company. Some employees get a higher funding amount, and some get a lower amount.

For more questions on the amount granted to you, you should talk to Skills Connect personnel at WDA. You can find their contact information at  or call them at 6785-5785

Is the Course Fee inclusive of the SDF grant amount?

Yes, the course fee is the total fee payable to Intellisoft Systems for the course. If SDF approves your SDF application at SkillsConnect and gives you a training grant, they will send an email to you and to us. Based on the amount of SDF given, we will invoice your company for only the balance amount.

For Example, if the course fee is S$400, and the SDF grant given is S$32(S$2/hr), then we will invoice you for the balance amount (S$400 – S$32) = S$368 only.

You can contact Intellisoft Systems to Register for a Training Course or   for more information on how to apply for SDF Grant for attending a training course at Intellisoft Systems, or call the SkillsConnect hotline at 6785-5785

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