Stress Management: Reduce Stress & Get Control Over Your Life

In today’s world, we experience a lot of demand for our time, inputs and contributions to the organization we work for and the society at large.

Such demands are increasing as world is getting more complex and real-time due to all the technological progresses and this can inevitably leads to more stress.

SDF Funding is available to Singapore Companies (For company sponsored candidates). Call +65 6250-3575 for Details. SkillsFuture credits ready for Singaporeans.

UTAP Funding: NTUC Members can utilize UTAP to offset 50% of the remaining fees*.

This course walks through many aspects of stress management such as time management, people skills, motivation, diet, influence techniques, right mentality, and assertiveness and so on.

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Audience: Anyone

Prerequisites: None

Course Duration: 1 Day

Course Level: Beginners & Intermediate

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What is Stress

  • What is the impact of stress at individual or organizational level?
  • How to monitor yourself to detect the early signs of stress?
  • What are the myths about stress?
  • Can stress be good?
  • How to take advantage of stress to increase your performance?
  • How to interact with people and manage your stress to get maximum results?
  • How to manage the impact of stress on your life?

How to Monitor Stress

  • How to look for signals that tell you how stressed you are?
  • Why monitoring these signals is the first critical step in addressing stress?
  • How to read body language signals?
  • How to observe your emotions when getting stressed and respond to them accordingly?

How to Avoid Extreme Distress

  • What is distress?
  • How to be assertive when communicating with others and how can this help you to reduce your stress?
  • How to organize and use time management to increase performance and reduce stress?
  • How to delegate to maximize your throughput?
  • What are the critical body language signals in assertive communication?

How to Manage Physiological Stress

  • How correct breathing can help you to become more productive?
  • How to use diet to manage stress?
  • What physical exercises work best to relive stress?

How to Reduce Stress

  • How to use a set of eleven techniques to reduce stress? (These techniques are extensively explained and are accompanied with various exercises so delegates can practice them)

How to Say No

  • How being able to easily say no can relive your stress?
  • How to say no and offload work from your busy life?

How to Be Positive

  • How to use the power of positive thinking to master the art of stress management? How to use imagination to address stress?

Improve Communication Skills, Presentation & Public Speaking Skills, Time Management Skills To Succeed in any organization.

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Any one can join to free from the stress

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