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SQL Training in Singapore: Introduction to SQL

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It is the language used to work with any relational database like MySQL, Oracle SQL, Microsoft SQL Server.

SQL is an extremely powerful database query language, can make your life easy while working with any Relational database (RDBMS).

Learn to retrieve any data from any tables or multiple tables from any SQL database. So if your company uses Oracle Database or MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server, you can be confident that you will be able to retrieve anything based on your selected criteria with ease, anytime.

You will also learn how to insert, update or delete data with ease using SQL.  Manage and maintain large amounts of data using SQL in any Relational database. This instructor led, hands-on class on SQL covers the fundamentals of SQL and the querying of any relational databases using the structured query language.

SQL training at Intellisoft in Singapore
SQL training Class at Intellisoft in Singapore

If you want to learn how to query any database using the SQL Query language, you are in the right place. This Structure Query Language is written for the business persons. Extremely easy to read and write, it gives you additional skills and power over your data – retrieve, analyze and report information quickly and efficiently.

SQL is used by almost all Relational Database Systems, like:

  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Access
  • MariaDB

SQL Training is an Instructor Led Classroom Training- The Best Way To Learn SQL Easily!

WSQ Funding: WSQ Funding for the SQL Training Class in Singapore.  COMPANY SPONSORED/ Individual, SINGAPOREAN or PR can get 50-70% WSQ grant.

UTAP Funding: NTUC Members can utilize UTAP to offset 50% of the remaining fees*.

You may be wondering – What the heck is SQL? Why should I learn SQL?

Recommended Reading: 3 Reasons Why You Should Learn SQL

Whether you work in Business, Finance, IT, Services, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Manufacturing, R&D or any other domain, it is important for you to learn SQL.

It empowers you to query any database, since you will learn how to write SQL queries, How to Retrieve Data from any RDBMS, How to Manipulate data using SQL, and How to Update or Delete it easily.

SQL training in Singapore
SQL training in Singapore

Objectives of the SQL Training Course

The objective is to teach you all the key skills, knowledge, tips and tricks to use and manipulate any relational database with ease, only using SQL. We will teach you the following topics in detail.

Introduction to RDBMS & SQL

  • Features & Benefits of SQL
  • Understanding RDBMS Concepts
  • Installing SQL with Various Client Tools

RDBMS Database Design 

  1. Understand Data & Column Types
  2. Create an Efficient Database Design

Basic Data Extraction Techniques using SQL

  • Extract Information using  SELECT
  • Build Single Table Queries

Data Manipulation using SQL

  • Update & Delete Data
  • Performance Considerations

Advanced Data Extraction Techniques

  • Grouping Query Data with Aggregation
  • Retrieve Data from Multiple Tables using SQL
  • Perform Nested Sub-Queries
  • Creating Custom Functions with SQL
  • Perform SET Operations

Advanced SQL Concepts

  • Creating Views
  • Exporting & Importing Data using SQL
  • SQL Storage Engines & Transaction Processing

This SQL Training Singapore is Instructor led, conducted in a highly interactive classroom setting with many exercises to learn the practical aspects of SQL.

A PC or Laptop will be provided to each student during the SQL training class. You can bring in your own laptop or notebook, if it is pre-loaded with any RDBMS.

Learn to use simple cases and exercises to build SQL Scripts, which interact with the database, and do Insert, Update, Delete and Select operations using SQL in any Relational Database.

We use MySQL database in the classroom for doing the SQL exercises. If you want, You can bring your own laptop with Oracle database, or SQL Server database pre-installed, for doing the SQL language exercises. Other Databases are fine too.

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Who Should Attend The SQL Training Class in Singapore?

The SQL Training Workshop suits both Beginners and Experienced Users of SQL

Whether you have a little or no previous experience with a relational database management system, or are an experienced SQL user, you will benefit from the strong foundation and fundamentals of SQL query language class.

Both new SQL Developers and Database Administrators of any database will benefit from this SQL class.

Applies to any RDBMS, irrespective of Version:

  • MySQL,
  • Microsoft SQL Server,
  • Access
  • Postgre SQL

Training Material Provided in SQL Training Class:

Software Installation Assistance, Installation Instructions, Notes in folders, Sample SQL Databases, and Exercise Files  will be provided.

Size of Class for SQL Training Singapore 

8-15 participants in a typical SQL class in Singapore, with safe distancing. We keep the class size small to give enough attention & support to all participants in learning to write their first SQL statements with confidence and understanding.

It is very practical, and hands-on experience for all participants to learn the power of SQL.

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SQL Training Singapore: Course Outline:

Introduction to SQL Language To Create, Update and Query Any Database

  • Installing SQL, command-line and graphical clients/tools.
  • Understand the features and benefits of Using SQL
  • Understand the basics of Using a Relational Database Management System
  • Understand the usage of a Database and SQL query language
  • Understand Data/Column types with regard to efficient database design
  • Be able to view a database design structure/content
  • Create a database design using an efficient structure
  • Be able to extract basic database information using the SELECT command
  • Be able to troubleshoot syntax and understand typical warnings and errors
  • Be able to modify or delete a database
  • Be able to modify or delete table row data
  • Grouping query data with Aggregation
  • Connect data from multiple table rows using JOIN
  • Perform nested sub-queries
  • Use of Simple Functions (String, Date, Numerical)
  • Understand the primary methods for exporting and importing data using SQL
  • Understand SQL storage engines, transactions and features of the common engines.

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What Do You Need To Learn SQL?

Basic computer literacy is required. Knowledge of database concepts would be helpful but is not necessary. 

Access to a personal or company database or corporate system can be helpful to practice writing SQL after attending this course.

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Companies sponsoring their staff for training can Claim up to 70% WSQ Funding, subject to SSG Eligibility Criteria.

Applicable for Individuals & Company Sponsored Singaporeans & PRs.

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Training Course Fees

The full course fees for this training is S$900, before any Government funding.
For Singaporean/PR above 21 years, Training Grants are available.
For Foreigners, no government grants are available.

Grant Information

WSQ funding from SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) is available to Singaporeans/PRs above 21.
(Both Individuals & Company Sponsored ).

Individual Singaporeans, 25 years & above can also use their SkillsFuture Credits for this training at Intellisoft.

Companies sending Locals & Foreign staff for training can avail SFEC Funding
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NTUC Members can utilize UTAP Funds to offset 50% of the remaining fees*.

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70% Grant

$630 Funding by SSG
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  • Individuals
  • SME Companies
  • Individuals Can Use SkillsFuture
  • UTAP Funding*

50% Grant

$450 Funding by SSG
Pay $450
  • Below 40 Years
  • Individuals
  • SG / PR / MNC Companies
  • SkillsFuture (Singaporeans only)
  • UTAP Funding*

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WSQ, UTAP & SkillsFuture Grants in Singapore
Up To 70% WSQ Funding, SkillsFuture, UTAP & SFEC grants available for Power BI Course

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