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Th Best SQL Training in Singapore: Introduction to SQL

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It is the language used to work with any relational database like MySQL, Oracle SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Postgre SQL, and hundreds of SQL RDBMS software.

SQL databases can be queried using this Structured Query Language. It is an extremely powerful database query language, can make your life easy while working with any Relational database (RDBMS).

Learn to retrieve any data from any database tables or multiple tables from any SQL database. So if your company uses Oracle Database or MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server database, you can be confident that you will be able to retrieve anything based on your selected criteria with ease, anytime. Simply join our SQL Certification Course for Beginners.

You will also learn how to insert, update or delete data with ease using SQL programming course in Singapore.  Manage and maintain large amounts of data using SQL in any Relational database. This SQL instructor led training is hands-on, classroom training on SQL. It covers the fundamentals of SQL and the querying of any relational databases using the structured query language.

SQL training at Intellisoft in Singapore
SQL training Class at Intellisoft in Singapore

If you want to learn how to query any database using the SQL Query language, you are in the right place.

This Structure Query Language is written for the business person. Whether you are a beginner or experienced in using SQL, you will gain a lot from our SQL certification course for beginners.

Extremely easy to read and write, the SkillsFuture SQL course gives you additional skills and power over your data – you can now retrieve, analyze and report information quickly and efficiently.

SQL is used by almost all Relational Database Systems. So if you are looking for any of the following WSQ SQL courses in Singapore,

  • Oracle database course, or
  • MySQL database course, or 
  • Microsoft SQL Server certification course, or
  • Microsoft Access course, or 
  • MariaDB SQL course

Our SQL Training Singapore Couse  is an Instructor Led Classroom Training- The Best Way To Learn SQL Easily, with our friendly, helpful trainers and step by step training on how to install the SQL frontend software, how to create a SQL database, how to query, insert, update, delete data in the database easily. 

The best part is that you learn to query SQL tables – reading & writing single table SQL queries, and then move on to read and write multiple table queries, by joining multiple tables.

WSQ Funding: WSQ Funding for the SQL Training Class in Singapore.  COMPANY SPONSORED/ Individual, SINGAPOREAN or PR can get 50-70% WSQ grant.

UTAP Funding: NTUC Members can utilize UTAP to offset 50% of the remaining fees* for attending the SQL certification courses for beginners.

You may be wondering – What the heck is SQL? Why should I learn SQL?

Recommended Reading: 3 Reasons Why You Should Learn SQL

Whether you work in Business, Finance, IT, Services, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Manufacturing, R&D or any other domain, it is important for you to learn SQL.

It empowers you to query any relational database, since you will learn how to write SQL queries, How to Retrieve Data from any RDBMS, How to Manipulate data using SQL, and How to Update or Delete it easily.

SQL training in Singapore
SQL training in Singapore

Objectives of the SQL Training Course

The objective of our Best SQL database training is to teach you all the key skills, knowledge, tips and tricks to use and manipulate any relational database with ease, only using SQL. We will teach you the following SQL Queries & topics in detail in this workshop:

Introduction to RDBMS & SQL

  • Features & Benefits of SQL
  • Understanding RDBMS Concepts
  • Installing SQL with Various Client Tools

RDBMS Database Design 

  1. Understand Data & Column Types in SQL Tables
  2. Create an Efficient Database Design

Basic Data Extraction Techniques using SQL

  • Extract Information using  SELECT
  • Build Single Table Queries for any SQL database

Data Manipulation using SQL

  • Update & Delete Data Rows from any table
  • Performance Considerations when querying multiple rows

Advanced Data Extraction Techniques using SQL queries

  • Grouping Query Data with Aggregation
  • Retrieve Data from Multiple Tables using SQL
  • Perform Nested Sub-Queries within SQL Databases
  • Creating Custom Functions with SQL
  • Perform SET Operations – UNION & INTERSECT

Advanced SQL Concepts

  • Creating Views from single or multiple tables in SQL
  • Exporting & Importing Data using SQL – creating Excel or CSV files from the exported data
  • SQL Storage Engines & Transaction Processing in RDBMS

This SQL Training Singapore is Instructor led, conducted in a highly interactive classroom setting with many exercises to learn the practical aspects of SQL.

A PC or Laptop will be provided to each student during the SQL training class in Singapore. You can bring in your own laptop or notebook, if it is pre-loaded with any RDBMS. We will provide you with the sample SQL database scripts in our instructor led SQL Training course with SkillsFuture. WSQ Funding for SQL Certification course is available for Singaporeans and PRs in Singapore.

Learn to use simple use-cases and exercises to build SQL Scripts, which interact with the Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server database, and do Insert, Update, Delete and Select operations using SQL in any Relational Database.

We use MySQL database in the classroom for doing the SQL exercises. If you want, you can bring your own laptop with Oracle database, or SQL Server database pre-installed, for doing the SQL language exercises. Other Relational Databases are fine to use in this beginner SQL Training course too.

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Who Should Attend The SQL Training Class in Singapore?

The SQL Training Workshop suits both Beginners and Experienced Users of SQL

Whether you have a little or no previous experience with a relational database management system, or are an experienced SQL user, you will benefit from the strong foundation and fundamentals of SQL query language class.

Both new SQL Developers and Database Administrators of any database will benefit from this SQL class.

Applies to any RDBMS, irrespective of Version:

  • MySQL,
  • Microsoft SQL Server,
  • Access
  • Postgre SQL

Training Material Provided in SQL Training Class:

Software Installation Assistance, Installation Instructions, Notes in folders, Sample SQL Databases, and Exercise Files  will be provided.

Size of Class for SQL Training Singapore 

8-15 participants in a typical SQL class in Singapore, with safe distancing. We keep the class size small to give enough attention & support to all participants in learning to write their first SQL statements with confidence and understanding.

It is very practical, and hands-on experience for all participants to learn the power of SQL.

The target audience for an “Introduction to SQL” workshop typically includes individuals who are interested in learning the fundamentals of SQL (Structured Query Language) and database management. The workshop is suitable for a variety of professionals, including:

Beginner programmers: Individuals who are new to programming or have limited experience with databases can benefit from attending the workshop. SQL is a fundamental language for interacting with databases, and this workshop can provide a solid foundation.

Data analysts: Data analysts who work with data and need to extract, manipulate, and analyze information from databases can enhance their skills through an SQL workshop. SQL enables efficient querying and retrieval of data, making it a valuable tool for data analysis.

Database administrators: Professionals responsible for managing and maintaining databases can benefit from understanding SQL. It allows them to perform tasks such as creating and modifying database structures, managing user access, and optimizing database performance.

Business professionals: Attendees from non-technical backgrounds, such as managers, business analysts, or product owners, can benefit from an SQL workshop. Understanding SQL enables them to communicate effectively with technical teams, ask relevant questions about data, and gain insights from databases.

Web developers: SQL is often used in web development to interact with databases and store/retrieve data. Web developers looking to build dynamic websites or web applications that involve database interactions can gain valuable skills through an SQL workshop.

It’s important to note that our Best SQL Course Singapore SkillsFutureIntroduction to SQL certification training is typically designed for beginners or those with limited experience in SQL.

For more advanced or specialized topics, contact us so we can customize an advanced SQL Training workshop for your organization.

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SQL Training Singapore: Course Outline:

Introduction to SQL Language To Create, Update and Query Any Database

  • Installing SQL, command-line and graphical clients/tools.
  • Understand the features and benefits of Using SQL
  • Understand the basics of Using a Relational Database Management System
  • Understand the usage of a Database and SQL query language
  • Understand Data/Column types with regard to efficient database design
  • Be able to view a database design structure/content
  • Create a database design using an efficient, normalized database structure
  • Be able to extract basic database information using the SELECT command
  • Be able to troubleshoot syntax and understand typical warnings and errors
  • Be able to modify or delete a database
  • Be able to modify or delete table row data
  • Grouping query data with Aggregation
  • Connect data from multiple table rows using JOIN
  • Perform nested sub-queries in SQL
  • Use of Simple Functions (String, Date, Numerical)
  • Understand the primary methods for exporting and importing data using SQL, so you can export or import Excel or CSV files.
  • Understand SQL storage engines, transactions and features of the common engines.

Your SQL Trainer: Mr. Vinai Prakash, PMP, MBA, GAP, ACTA

Vinai Prakash is a highly skilled SQL trainer with extensive expertise in data management, data warehousing, and business intelligence. With over 35 years of experience in the field, Vinai has established himself as a seasoned professional in SQL programming.

Throughout his career, Vinai has demonstrated a deep understanding of databases and their efficient management. He possesses a comprehensive knowledge of SQL syntax, data manipulation techniques, and query optimization strategies. Vinai’s proficiency extends to various relational database management systems (RDBMS), including popular platforms such as Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server.

Vinai’s expertise goes beyond SQL fundamentals. He has a wealth of knowledge in data warehousing, encompassing concepts like dimensional modeling, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes, and data integration. He has successfully implemented robust data warehousing solutions for organizations, enabling them to effectively store, manage, and analyze large volumes of data.

In the realm of business intelligence, Vinai has played a pivotal role in helping companies leverage their data for informed decision-making. He possesses a strong grasp of data analytics, reporting tools, and dashboard creation.

Vinai’s insights and guidance have empowered organizations to extract valuable insights from their data, leading to improved strategic planning and performance optimization.

As a SQL trainer, Vinai’s approach is characterized by his ability to simplify complex concepts and deliver practical knowledge.

He is known for his engaging training sessions, where he combines theoretical concepts with hands-on exercises to ensure participants grasp the SQL concepts effectively.

Vinai’s dedication to empowering individuals with SQL skills has made him a highly sought-after trainer in the industry.

With Vinai Prakash’s extensive experience, deep expertise in SQL, data management, Python, Excel, Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, SQL Server, Oracle, SAP, SAS, Hyperion, Business Objects, Sagent, Informatica, Tableau, Qlik View, and business intelligence.

Vinai continues to make a significant impact by sharing his knowledge with professionals, helping them enhance their SQL proficiency and achieve success in their respective fields.

Vinai has coached and trained thousands of participants in learning and using SQL efficiently, and making the most of their data using these Business Intelligence tools.

His accolades and testimonials are far too many to list here. His corporate client list includes Samsung, OCBC Bank, Sony, NUH, NUS, GSK, Pfizer, Manulife, Shell, Tamasek, Blackrock, Bank of Singapore to name a few…

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What Do You Need To Learn SQL?

Basic computer literacy is required. Knowledge of database concepts would be helpful but is not necessary. 

Access to a personal or company database or corporate system can be helpful to practice writing SQL after attending this course.

To attend and learn the SQL programming course, there are a few advantages if you know the following. But even if you are completely new to RDBMS, Relational Databases, SQL, programming and have never come across SQL, our beginner program in SQL is still the best program to get started.

By attending our SQL Database Training Course, you will be able to have a:

1. Basic understanding of databases: Familiarize yourself with the concept of databases and how they store and organize data. Understanding tables, rows, and columns will be beneficial.

2. Knowledge of relational databases: SQL is primarily used with relational databases, so having a basic understanding of how tables relate to each other through primary keys and foreign keys is important.

3. Fundamentals of programming: While SQL is a declarative language and not a traditional programming language, having a foundation in programming concepts like variables, control structures, and basic logic will help you grasp SQL more easily.

4. Data manipulation concepts: Understanding concepts like selecting data, filtering records using conditions, sorting data, and performing basic calculations will be essential for working with SQL.

5. Database management tools: Familiarize yourself with popular database management systems (DBMS) like MySQL, Oracle, or Microsoft SQL Server. Install a DBMS and practice interacting with it using SQL commands.

6. Practice and hands-on experience: SQL is best learned by practicing and working with real-world data scenarios. Take on projects, work with sample databases, and practice writing SQL queries to gain proficiency.

Remember, SQL syntax and specific features may vary slightly between different database management systems, so it’s a good idea to focus on a particular system or learn the standard SQL syntax first before diving into system-specific features.

We will use the MySQL or MariaDB SQL Database in our workshop. For Corporate trainings on SQL, we often use Microsoft SQL Server Training, or the Oracle SQL Training for the SQL Certification Course.


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Training Course Fees

The full course fees for this training is S$900, before any Government funding.
For Singaporean/PR above 21 years, Training Grants are available.
For Foreigners, no government grants are available.

Grant Information

WSQ funding from SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) is available to Singaporeans/PRs above 21.
(Both Individuals & Company Sponsored ).

Individual Singaporeans, 25 years & above can also use their SkillsFuture Credits for this training at Intellisoft.

Companies sending Locals & Foreign staff for training can avail SFEC Funding
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NTUC Members can utilize UTAP Funds to offset 50% of the remaining fees*.

Contact us for more information on How to apply for this SkillsFuture Grant.
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70% Grant

$630 Funding by SSG
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  • SME Companies
  • Individuals Can Use SkillsFuture
  • UTAP Funding*

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$450 Funding by SSG
Pay $450
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  • SG / PR / MNC Companies
  • SkillsFuture (Singaporeans only)
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How To Register

Ready To Join the Best SQL Training in Singapore?

Register for the 2 Days SQL Training Class in Singapore today by simply clicking on the chosen course date available at the top of this page. This SQL Course is SkillsFuture ready, and is eligible for WSQ Grants

Need Help with SQL Course Registration?

  1. Call us at +65 6250-3575, SMS / WhatsApp: +65 9066 – 9991
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  3. Submit an online enquiry if you have  any questions regarding Introduction to SQL training.

We also offer Corporate Training for SQL in Singapore. If you have a group of 12 or more participants, we can conduct this SQL training course at your office location too. Contact us for more information or a quotation.

What are the benefits of arranging and attending a corporate training on sql for your employees?

Arranging and attending a corporate training on SQL for your employees can offer several benefits:

1. Improved productivity: SQL training equips employees with the skills to effectively work with databases. They can write efficient queries, perform data manipulation tasks, and extract valuable insights. This leads to increased productivity and efficiency in handling data-related tasks.

2. Enhanced data management: SQL training course provides employees with a solid foundation in database management. They learn how to organize and structure data, create tables, define relationships, and enforce data integrity. This knowledge contributes to better data management practices within the organization.

3. Data-driven decision-making: SQL enables employees to retrieve and analyze data, allowing them to make informed decisions based on insights. With SQL certification training, employees can write complex queries, perform aggregations, and generate reports, empowering them to extract meaningful information from the company’s databases.

4. Streamlined processes: SQL proficiency can streamline various business processes. Employees can automate repetitive tasks, generate standardized reports, and perform data updates efficiently. This leads to time savings and improved operational efficiency.

5. Collaborative work environment: When employees receive SQL training together, it creates a shared language and understanding of data management. This fosters collaboration among team members, as they can communicate and work on data-related tasks more effectively.

6. Cost savings: By training employees in SQL, organizations reduce the need to hire external database experts or rely heavily on IT departments for data-related tasks. The ability to handle data internally can lead to cost savings in the long run. Certification in SQL also builds a competent workforce that is qualified to handle data analysis and data management tasks easily and efficiently.

7. Career growth opportunities: SQL is a widely used and valuable skill in the job market. Offering SQL training to employees not only benefits the organization but also enhances the employees’ skill set and career prospects. They can apply their SQL knowledge to diverse roles within the company or even explore new job opportunities.

Overall, arranging a corporate training on SQL equips employees with essential skills for data management, promotes collaboration, and enables data-driven decision-making, leading to improved productivity and operational efficiency within the organization.

Contact us today to arrange a Corporate SQL Programming & Training Course solely for your employees.

Turn your entire workforce into data warriors, who make better decisions based on insights driven by data. This is a best investment in your employee base.

Master SQL
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