Successful Communication & Relationship Management

This course is designed to help participants develop more effective communication skills by focusing on how to nurture positive relationships. This course will empower individuals to interact more successfully, especially with difficult people. Communicate with savvy and finesse and handles sensitive issues and people with tact. Increase your value by building and maintaining powerful working relationships.

Part 1 – Diversity in Communication

  • Understand the importance of effective communication skills
  • Explore the five communication continuums through a practice activity

Direct vs. indirect
Detail-oriented vs. big-picture
Fast-paced vs. slow-paced
Formal vs. informal
Rational vs. emotive

  • Understand the strengths and drawbacks of each communication style depending on the
    situation and the parties involved through a discussion of workplace scenarios
  • Identify personal communication preferences and understand techniques to overcome
    relationship barriers when communicating with people with different styles

Part 2 – Effective Communication Strategies

  • What I Hear vs. What You Mean
  • Keep an Open Mind
  • The EQ Factor: Empathize
  • Separate the Intention from the Action
  • Avoid Blame • Detach from Emotions
  • Communicate Objectively, Accurately and Specifically
  • Avoid Personal Attacks
  • Connect the Dots
  • Mode and Timing Matters
  • Consider the Packaging

Part 3 – Effective Non-Verbal Communication

  • Tips on non-verbal delivery techniques
  • Assessment of active listening skills
  • Building trust through communication

Part 4 – Relationship Management

  • Striking conversations in various situations
  • Seeking professionalism vs. friendship
  • Situational considerations before having a conversation
  • Avoiding conflicts
  • Self-assessment: Do you pose communication difficulties?

By the end of the course, participants will:

  • Be able to use emotional intelligence to improve relationships
  • Be able to develop a positive and fruitful relationship with others
  • Be able to strike good conversations
  • Be able to practice active listening
  • Understand the application of the different ways of conversing for different situations
  • Have gained confidence and developed a positive attitude towards communication

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