Adobe Photoshop for Digital Photography

In this Internet age, “shooting digital” has become the catchphrase for an increasing number of traditional photographers to achieving the ideal of the “perfect” shot, even though you still have to get out of the car!

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This 3-day course will give participants insights into the techniques used in the industry and studios for professional photographic post-production. The course has been designed to consider Photoshop’s improved toolset for the new breed of photographer – who has “gone digital”.

Participants will learn to make

  • informed hardware decisions for digitizing photos;
  • use Bridge and the improved Camera RAW effectively;
  • maximize layers for better workflow;
  • use masks and masking techniques;
  • make image and tonal adjustments; shoot in and use HDRI;
  • use filters creatively and employ a range of professional photographic and corrective techniques.

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Module 1: Equipment & Setup

  • Equipment considerations
    • Choosing the right camera, scanner
  • Digital darkroom setup
  • Colour Management & Caliberation

Module 2: Bridge & Camera RAW

  • Using Bridge
    • Establishing a workflow from the camera to Bridge
    • Setting File info, Keywords & Metadata
    • Creating contact sheets & image thumbnails
  • Selecting Algorithms for Camera RAW

Module 3: Perfect Selections

  • Knowing the selection tools
  • Luminance Masking
  • Calculations – the Dark Arts of making selections
  • When to use Defringing

Module 4: Layers & Masks

  • Working with Layers
    • Layer Groups
  • Blending options & modes
  • Advanced Masking Techniques for Vector & Luminosity

Module 5: Channel Techniques

  • Working with Alpha Channels, Selections & Re-Mapping

Module 6: High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI)

  • HDRI –an overview
  • Shooting for HDRI
  • Creating HDR images
    • Using Merge to HDR Pro
    • Using HDR Toning

Module 7: Adjustments

  • The Adjustments Panel
  • Making Adjustments – Destructive vs. non-destructive (adjustment layer)
  • Adjustment techniques
    • Achieving better Exposure & Contrast
    • “backing out” colour
    • Cross processing
    • Simulating Infra-red photography

Module 8: Filters for the Photographer

  • Applying Filters
  • Better Blurring & Sharpening
  • Specialty Filters
    • Liquify
    • Camera Shake Reduction
    • Removing Distortion,  Adaptive Wide Angle
  • Displacement mapping

Module 9: Photographic Techniques

  • Black-and-White conversion methods
  • Creating a Soft Focus effect
  • Setting Depth-of-field (“DOF”)
  • “Popping” Colour
  • Creating reflections & motion
  • Simulating graduated filters
  • Using Photomerge
  • Auto-aligning & Auto-blending
  • Transforms: CA Scale, Fill, Move & Patch. Perspective Warp

Module 10: Corrective Techniques

  • Resolving colour casts
  • Improving Exposure/Contrast
  • Portrait techniques for Brightening eyes & whitening teeth, Porcelain-smooth skin
  • Using Frequency Separation

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Learners must be familiar with Photoshop at the base level – working with the program, layers and selections; or they will have taken a basic/foundation course in Photoshop. Learners are also expected to demonstrate familiarity with the computer – such as the opening and saving of files, navigating the Windows operating system and mouse usage.

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