Pay Per Click Advertising using Google Adwords

Whether you run your own small business Pay-per-Click (PPC) campaign, or use an Internet Marketing Agency to manage your PPC, SEO, or Internet Marketing, gaining an understanding of online marketing is essential if you want to get value for money and generate ROI for your marketing $$$s.

Getting traffic to your website is only one part of the overall process, so we include an exclusive look at additional strategies for online success using real online examples of our own successes.

We don’t just teach Pay per Click advertising and Google Adwords. Pay Per Click Advertising Using Google Adwords TrainingWe actively manage PPC campaigns every day for a variety of large and small clients from various industries. This means that our professional knowledge and expertise is based on managing, optimizing and maximizing real life campaigns.

Using knowledge and Experience from all of our clients, we help you set up, organize, optimize and manage your own online marketing campaigns – whether on Google or on Yahoo.

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One Day Google Adwords & PPC Training Course This course is meant for existing Adwords /Pay per click users who would like to understand more about optimisation techniques and improving ROI for their campaigns. We have designed our PPC course to help you gain an insight into how SEO and PPC work together and will give you an excellent understanding of how to get the best out of your marketplace.

You will learn how to:

  • Analyse your existing Google Adwords campaign
  • Use the top professional tools to pick the right keywords for greater success
  • Study your market online and look for gaps
  • Write effective Advertising copy for your products or services
  • Set an optimum daily budget for the campaigns
  • Use local targeting for additional visibility
  • Properly Structure your campaign for total control
  • Analyze your competitor activity online
  • Manage multiple adverts and campaigns
  • Improve your CTR and Conversion
  • Develop split testing techniques and landing pages for success
  • Use Dynamic Text insertion to best effect
  • Use other Pay per Click packages such as Yahoo, MSN and Facebook Flyers

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Internet Knowledge is required.

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Pay Per Click Advertising using Google Adwords
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