Data Analysis With Python

The Data Analysis With Python Training is a practical, hands-on, 3 days training, focused on teaching the participants the key skills used to analyze data using Python.

This intermediate 3-day course focuses on a number of Python packages that are commonly used for data analysis, including: CSV, Numpy, SciPy and Pandas. During the course, participants will manipulate and clean data as well as use the stats library to conduct basic statistical tests.

Additionally, this course focuses on how to write and run simple data analysis programs in Python, and builds on these using some of the powerful extensions available in Python. This will be achieved through hands-on worked examples of real life data problems.

Python is used by analysts who want to go deeper into data analysis or apply statistical techniques, and by most people who turn to Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data analysis.

Python is a production-ready language meant for data science and data analysis, meaning it has the capacity to be a single tool that integrates with every part of your workflow! It helps you make sense of your data, quickly, and efficiently.

The Data Analysis With Python course is a 3-day course focusing on the key Python packages that are most useful for data analysis, including: CSV, Numpy, SciPy and Pandas.

During this Data Analysis With Python training course, participants will manipulate and clean data as well as use the stats library to conduct basic statistical tests. Additionally, this course focuses on how to write and run simple data analysis programs in Python, and builds on these using some of the powerful extensions available in Python.

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This course is for people who want to analyze a lot of data quickly and gain insights that are not available easily.

We use the Python programming language, which is popular among data analysts and data scientist.

A number of popular Python libraries and packages like Numpy, Pandas and SciPy are covered in this training. If you wish to learn how to use Python for Data Analysis, then this training is for you.

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On this course, you’ll also look at:

  • Conducting simple statistical analyses: The Python Numpy Module
  • Combining For/While loops and Numpy for complex analysis
  • Using Pandas to import and manipulate datasets.

For this course, you’ll need some basic experience with Python. You can do our Beginners in Python course first if you do not have the basics yet.

Why Use Pandas?

Pandas allows us to analyze big data and make conclusions based on statistical theories.

Pandas can clean messy data sets, and make them readable and relevant.

Relevant data is very important in data science.

What Can Pandas Do?

Pandas gives you answers about the data. Like:

  • Is there a correlation between two or more columns?
  • What is average value?
  • What are the Min & Max values?

Pandas are also able to delete rows that are not relevant, or contains wrong values, like empty or NULL values. This is called cleaning the data.

Data Analysis With Pandas

  • Creating, Reading & Writing Data & Files
  • Indexing, Selecting & Assigning Data
  • Using Summary Functions and Maps to Extract Insights From Data
  • Grouping & Sorting Data to Scale up you level of insights. Valuable for larger, complex data sets.
  • Solving Data Type & Missing Values Problems
  • Renaming & Combining Data to begin making Sense
  • Pandas Correlations
  • Plotting Pandas Data
  • Quiz & Practical Exercises for analyzing data

Data Analysis Project With Pandas & Python.


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Python For Data Analysis Training: What You Need To Get Started

This Python course is designed for intermediate users who wish to become an application developer by using Python, which is a widely used general-purpose, high-level programming language. It is a classroom-based course that covers the essential topics to start programming with Python.

Basic prior knowledge on Python programming is required. If you don’t have the basics of Python, we recommend that you attend the Introduction to Python training first.

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How To Register

Register For Python For Data Analysis Training in Singapore.

  1. Call us at +65 6296-2995 for any enquiries.
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Note: This class is a very practical, and hands-on workshop session. It requires you to take part in a lot of exercises during the class. A laptop with the required software pre–loaded is provided to each participant for use during this workshop.

Join Python class in Singapore today, and learn the Fundamentals of Python Data Analysis easily, with step by step instructions, and helpful, patient, Certified Trainers to guide you.

We also provide Corporate Training on Data Analysis With Python in Singapore, and Asia, provided you have a group of participants wanting to learn Python Data Analysis.

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