If Your Career Matters To You,
Develop Your Presentation Skills!
- Steve Jobs

Developing Your Presentation Skills Is Crucial For Your Career

Whether you work in Sales or Accounts, You are in the Business of Selling Ideas…

You need to convince clients, bosses, colleagues & family members to take actions on your proposals, budgets, ideas and requests. So all the time, you are communicating with people, and you are presenting your case, so that they can understand, agree and take the necessary action.

You must have fantastic Presentation Skills. If you need, you can go for a Presentation Skills Training Singapore.

This is the best way to stand out from the crowd, and make an impact with your Public Speaking Skills, PowerPoint Presentation Skills, and Delivering a Stellar Presentation that makes the audience sit back in awe!

Choose From 3 Exciting Courses To Improve Your Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills Training Singapore
presentation skills training Singapore

Mastering PowerPoint

Learn the Hidden Gems, Goodies & Best Features of MIcrosoft PowerPoint.

Use Shapes, SmartArt, Animations, Effects, Themes, Master, Layouts & More...

Delivering Killer Presentations
Delivering Killer Presentations

Creating Killer Presentations

Learn How To Strategize, Structure, Design & Create Killer Presentations With Style, Impact & a Wow Factor!

Covers Design Principles, PowerPoint Goodies, Infographics To Wow any audience...

Presenter Speaking To Impress
Public Speaking Skills Training

Speaking To Impress

Impress People With Your Superior Public Speaking Skills & Creating a Lasting Impression...

One Day Workshop To Learn, Practice & Deliver Stellar Presentations!

Accelerate your Career With the Most Effective Training!

Learn By Doing

You learn best when you Do It Yourself.

We teach you, step by step, how you can learn new skills, build your knowledge and enhance your career prospects quickly & easily, with Practical Tips & Tricks!

SkillsFuture Ready

Singaporeans can use $500 SkillsFuture Credits for this training to offset the course fees.

Contact us for advise on how to go about claiming your SkillsFuture.

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Microsoft Training at Intellisoft

Claim SDF Grant

Companies sponsoring their staff for training can Claim SDF Funding, subject to SSG Eligibility Criteria.

Applicable for Company Sponsored Singaporeans & PRs.

Presentation Skills: Speaking To Impress

Public Speaking Skills Training in Singapore
Public Speaking Skills Training in Singapore

Most people have a fear of public speaking. They avoid public speaking opportunities. However, luck favors the bold. With superior public speaking skills, you will be able to get ahead, faster and further.

Fortunately, it is easy to get over your fear of public speaking. Learn how to overcome your anxiety, nervousness, and stage freight. Then begin to Deliver Steller Business Presentations, Speak with Confidence, and Be the King of Presentations in your company. Get that deal, Nail that client with a Winning Presentation.

Improve your public speaking skills by attending a day-long, practical training on improving presentation skills at Intellisoft Singapore.

Great Public Speaking Skills Can Accelerate Your Career Growth the Fastest – WIRED Magazine

Creating & Delivering Killer Presentations

Killer Presentation Techniques Training in Singapore
Creating & Delivering Killer Presentations Workshop in Singapore

There’s a huge difference between knowing the features of PowerPoint and applying them in a way that converts boring presentations into amazing, killer presentations that create a WOW effect.

From Design Principles to Application within PowerPoint, the Killer Presentations training is an absolute must for people who want the decision-makers to seal the deal, their way!

The Ultimate Presentation Skills Training covers the Art & Science of Creating Stellar Presentations to Wow Any Audience.

Design, Placement, Image Selection & Placement, Font Gallery, Effects, Converting Data Heavy Charts & Tables to easily understandable Information using Infographics is key here.

Intellisoft provides this higher-end Presentation Skills courses for creating impactful presentations.

Mesmerize Your Audience Like Steve Jobs. Prepare & Deliver a Killer Presentation & Win!

Mastering PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint training in Singapore
PowerPoint training in Singapore

The best software for business presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint. Although it has been around for over 30 years, people still don’t know it’s intricacies, hidden gems, tips and tricks to make it work. They create loud, boring presentations that cause death by PowerPoint a reality.

Learn the Hidden Gems, Best Practices, Tips, Tricks of Using Themes, Style Masters, Layouts, Objects, Shapes, Animations, SmartArt, Transitions & more to create a perfect Slide Show fit for any situation.

Intellisoft Singapore provides PowerPoint Training to improve your Presentation Skills in hands-on 2-day practical training.

Don’t Kill Your Audience With Boring Presentations. Make Your Next Presentation Come Alive With Superior PowerPoint Skills.

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