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Looking for IT courses / Programming Languages Training in Singapore? You have come to the right place.
Learn C, C Programming Fundamentals, C-Advanced, C++, Java, PHP, SQL, Python, Python For Data Analysis Course in Singapore

At Intellisoft, we regularly conduct public classes, and in-house corporate trainings on IT courses for learning Programming Languages in Singapore.

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IT courses / Programming Languages Training Course
Workshop Duration
Build Database apps with PHP & SQL

– Learn how to create Dynamic, Online Applications – like Shopping Carts, Customer Databases, Online Stores, Accounting Systems, Membership Systems, all using PHP programming language, and the MySQL Relational Database.

Introduction to SQL

– Learn how MySQL, a powerful relational database management system can make your life easier and fun! This class covers all the basics and will get you on your way to database mastery, with a solid foundation in MySQL training.

Data Interpretation & Analysis

– This course teaches the basic skills & techniques of gathering, presenting & interpreting data for decision making, analyzing performance & continuous improvement of processes..

Create Web Apps With PHP & Oracle

–  Learn how to use PHP to create Web applications that interact with the Oracle database at the backend, and Select, Insert, Update & Delete from the Oracle database.

3 days
Oracle SQL Expert Certification Training

– This course introduces you to the fundamentals of SQL using Oracle Database. Learn the concepts of relational databases and master SQL programming language.

4 days
C Programming Fundamental

– This course is mainly designed for the beginners in C programming language.

C Programming – Advanced

– This course is mainly designed for Intermediate users in C programming language, to become proficient in using the Advanced Concepts easily.

2 Days
Java Programming

– In this JAVA Programming Course, all the major concepts of JAVA Programming – in detail, and in depth – practically.

ASP.NET with C# Programming

– In this ASP.NET with C# Programming Course, all the major concepts of ASP.NET with C# Programming – in detail, and in depth – practically.

WordPress Website Creation

– For those interested in creating dynamic Web sites. Basic experience with HTML is assumed. Prior Programming or PHP experience is helpful but not required.

2 days
Dreamweaver CS6- Web Desiging

– This Dreamweaver CS6 training course is for people new to Dreamweaver, who will learn to create HTML- and CSS-based websites without writing any code.

Adobe Photoshop CS6

– This course imparts participants with knowledge to plan, design, build and maintain their graphical designs with Adobe Photoshop CS6.

3 days
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JavaScript Programming

– This course is mainly designed for the people who would like to develop dynamic web pages in JavaScript programming language.

Python Programming

Python programming training course includes learning the basic syntax of the Python language, such as statements, variables, comments, conditions & loops then proceeds to cover all the fundamentals of Python: lists, tuples & dictionaries.

One-to-One Training

– At Intellisoft, we can provide you with the right trainers to learn at your own pace.

Depends on the Course

Contact us at +65 6250-3575 for any questions, or to join our upcoming IT courses / Programming Languages Training Classes.

If you have a group of 10 or more participants, we can arrange for our trainer to meet you, and customize the training, to be conducted at your office location.

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