Adobe Photoshop Certification

ICDL Courses in SingaporeThis 3-day hands-on training in for anyone beginning to learn Photoshop, this course will be their ideal starting point. Best suitable for working professionals and students who would like to learn latest digital editing and Adobe Photoshop concepts.

This course imparts participants with knowledge to plan, design, build and maintain their graphical designs with Adobe Photoshop.

Up To 95% WSQ funding is available for Singaporeans & Singapore based Companies* (WDA Terms & Conditions apply). PRs can also apply for WSQ grant.

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  • Introduction to Photoshop – How to build workflows that take full advantage of the new tools.
  • Learn how to get organized with your images, and use Adobe Bridge to increase your workflow.
  • Using Tools and Panels – learn how to correctly set up your editing environment to accurately output color.
  • Working with powerful Layers styles.
  • Photoshop Blending Modes with the basics of the application layout and how all the functions interact with each other.
  • Use options in brush palette to create amazing images.
  • Improving Images with Adjustment Layers.
  • Working with Healing and Retouching Tools.
  • Learn the principles of image correction and build an understanding of which tools to use in any given situation to perform the perfect correction, from basic contrast to advanced levels and curves.
  • Working with Filters for special effects.

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Audience              :  Applicable to All

Skill Level             :  For beginner and professional who in need of Advanced Image Editing Skills in order to produce special effects in digital images.

Time                      :  8.45 am – 5.45 pm

Course Duration  :  3 Full Days (Weekdays or Weekend Classes available)

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Module 1: Imaging Concepts

  • Digital Images
  • Graphic Formats
  • Color Concepts
  • Raster & Vector Images

Module 2: Image Capture

  • Capturing Images from Cameras
  • Grabbing Images from Screen
  • Importing with TWAIN

Module 3: Using the Photoshop Application

  • Understanding the Interface
  • Image Creation with presets, Width, Height, Resolution, Colour Mode
  • Settings in Photoshop
  • Enhancing Productivity
Module 4: Working with Images

  • Selection Techniques with Marquee, Lasso, Quick Selection Tool, Magic Wand, Color
  • Image Manipulations, Feathering, Inversing, Anti-Aliasing, Cropping, Resizing
  • Layers, Layer Stiles, Blending Modes, Animated GIFs,
  • Text Editing, Styles, Warp, Formatting
  • Effects and Filters

Module 5: Drawing and Painting

  • Drawing Tools, Brushes, Effects
  • Painting Tools, Options

Module 6: Prepare Outputs

  • Setup for Preview, Output
  • Printing for Web, Print

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There are no specific per-requisites for this training. Knowledge of computers is essential. Prior exposure to Adobe Photoshop is not mandatory, but can help in learning.

This is a beginner to intermediate level training class in Photoshop.

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Certification: Successful trainees will receive the internationally recognized ICDL Certificate upon completion of the course. This certificate is administered by ICDL Singapore. This is a joint certification between WDA and ICDL Singapore. Student must take a 45 minutes assessment at the end of the course.

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