Time Management: Achieve More in Less Time

Are you suffering from:

  • Too many projects, too many things to do… and not enough time to do any of them properly?

    Manage Your Time Well. Learn Time Management at Intellisoft
    Manage Your Time Well. Learn Time Management at Intellisoft
  • Being too busy fighting every day fires and have no time to prevent the fires in the first place?
  • Embarrassment because you don’t seem to be making progress on the Big Priorities of your life and time is just passing by?

Fortunately, it is easy to learn effective time management techniques, and build proper time management skills. Attend a short, action packed 1 Day Practical Workshop on Effective Time Management in Singapore at Intellisoft.

SDF Funding is available to Singapore Companies (For company sponsored candidates). Call +65 6250-3575 for Details. This course is SkillsFuture credits ready for Singaporeans.

UTAP Funding: NTUC Members can utilize UTAP to offset 50% of the remaining fees*.

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Time Management We at Intellisoft can help you learn how to manage your time and get back your life, handle multiple projects, prevent fires rather than fight fires, have an empty In tray, with full control over your email, your messages, and your life, so that you can find the time to get those things done that matter the most, and master the art of stress-free productivity!

This time management workshop is continuously updated to reflect the progress in productivity tools as well as new methodologies that help delegates to become more productive in the long term, and become better at managing time well.

Our objective is to provide you with practical tips, tricks, tools and techniques to learn time management skills for life! Take action to join the 1 Day Effective Time Management Class in Singapore!

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Audience: Anyone, who is interested to learn the productivity tips to get more done in their work and personal life.

Course Duration: 1 Day. Practical, Hands-on Tips, Tricks and Techniques to Apply Immediately!

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Using Case Studies, Examples, Activities, Games and Self Analysis, we help you in identifying your Time Management Problems, and Teach You Practical ways to over them. Become better at managing time and getting the right and important  things done... ON TIME! Attitude towards Time

  • How different people look at time and what are the implications of this?
  • What mental techniques can you use to increase your productivity?
  • What is the impact of perfectionism on your productivity and how can you manage it?
  • What stops you from starting a task and how can you overcome it?
  • What techniques can you use to avoid procrastination?
  • How to take advantage of “dead time”?Ideas for Time Management
  • How to free your mind from thinking continuously about critical tasks?
  • How can you optimise your day based on your capabilities and your workload?


  • How to set goals systematically to maximise your productivity?
  • How to set your mission statement based on everything you do in life?
  • Which planning style is better?
  • How to brainstorm?
  • How to plan if you don’t like planning?
  • What is a bottom-up and top-down approach to productivity?
  • What is the best way to plan in meetings to make the best use of time and produce a good plan?


  • How to organise your physical and digital environments?
  • What reference system works best and what its critical qualities?
  • What tray system works best?
  • What calendar system works best?
  • How to take advantage of GTD principles (Getting Things Done) to organise your life?
  • How to set up and use your calendar using the latest methodologies such as GTD?
  • How to prioritize your tasks based on urgency and importance?
  • How to use GTD with Microsoft Outlook?

Dealing with People

  • How to say “No” and be loved for it?
  • How many different ways to say “No” and what are advantages and disadvantages of each type?
  • How to deal with interruptions politely and stay in control?
  • How to delegate to increase your productivity?
  • How many different ways can you delegate and when should you use each style?
  • How to handle phone interruptions?
  • How to “engineer” your environment to minimise interruptions?

Don’t waste time to join a time management skills course Singapore? Read our in-depth article & get started fast.

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There are no specific per-requisites for this Time Management Training workshop. Just come prepared to learn new concepts in time management, and be ready to begin applying them immediately.

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We also offer Corporate Trainings for Time Management Skills Training. If you have a group of people, we can arrange to conduct the Time Management Skills training at your office location too. Just contact us for logistics. This program can be customized according to your needs and is conducted in house. For more information you can call us at +65 6250-3575  Email to training@intellisoft.com.sg

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