Develop Web Applications with PHP & Oracle

Learn how to use PHP to create Web applications that interact with the Oracle database at the backend and  Select, Insert, Update & Delete the contents  from the Oracle database.

Course Duration : 3 Days

Learn PHP with Oracle @Intellisoft
Learn PHP with Oracle @Intellisoft

Course Objective for PHP & Oracle Web Application Development:

Learn how to leverage the PHP language and the Oracle database to generate dynamic & interactive web applications. This course covers the fundamentals of PHP programming, Introduction to Oracle database, some advanced features of the language, and creation of database driven applications using PHP & Oracle

Course Overview for Web Application Development with PHP & Oracle db:

You will learn how to:

  • Write effective, efficient Php scripts
  • Embed PHP scripts in HTML pages to create dynamic Web pages
  • Manipulate data from Web page forms
  • Structure PHP code using user-defined functions and external libraries
  • Develop database-enabled Web applications using Oracle database

Certificate of attendance would be given to participants.

Notes in folders will be provided.

Class Size:
8-12 participants

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This course is suitable for people who wants to create interactive web applications using php as the frontend and the Oracle RDMS at the backend.

Whether you are building internet application or intranet you can benefit from this training.

Use it to create online customer databases, customer Add to dictionary stores or simply to catalogue your books/wines/cooking recipes.

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Introduction to PHP

Language fundamentals

  • PHP Basics
  • PHP Data types
  • Storing & retrieving information in variables
  • Basic operations with variables
  • Variable rules

Decision making in PHP

  • Comparison operators
  • The if construct
  • The while construct
  • The for construct

Arrays and PHP

  • Working with arrays
  • Sorting arrays
  • Other array related functions
  • Multi-dimensional arrays

Re-using PHP code

  • Functions
    • Declaring functions
    •  Passing data by reference
  • Including code in scripts
  • Variable scope in PHP

PHP and the WWW server

  • Working with web forms
  • PHP POST & GET form elements
  • Embedding forms with PHP code
  • Validating form data
  • Preventing spoofed submissions
  • Guidelines for secure PHP
  • Understanding magic quotes
  • Setting default values in forms
  • Processing uploaded files
  • Retrieving & Sorting uploaded files

Working with Oracle

  • A brief history of Oracle
  • Relational database concepts
  • Database tables

Using the CREATE TABLE statement
SQL Data types

  • Integer data types
  • Floating point data types
  • Character data types
  • SQL column modifiers
Manipulating data in SQL

  • The SELECT statement
    • Overall SELECT syntax
    • Selecting values to display
    • Restricting selections using the WHERE clause
    • Using ORDER BY to sort query results
    • Using LIMIT to limit result sets
  • The INSERT statement
  • The UPDATE Statement
  • The DELETE and TRUNCATE TABLE statements

Accessing databases using PHP

  • Downloading & Installing ADODB
  • Creating a Data Source Name (DSN)
  • Setting connection options & connecting to the database
  • Executing SQL statements
  • Executing prepared statements
  • Multiple statement execution
  • Retrieving information about queries (metadata)
  • Transactions and queries
  • Retrieving data from a database
  • Single-step queries

Managing web sessions

  • Using PHP session handling
  • PHP cookie handling

Handling date & time in PHP

  • Diplaying dates & times
  • Parsing a date or time
  • Generating relative times

Working with files in PHP

  • Reading & writing files with PHP
  • File permissions
  • Handling errors

Sending email using PHP

  • PHP Email settings
  • Sending text messages using PHP
  • Sending HTML formatted email messages using PHP

Creating a Database Driven PHP Application with Oracle db at the backend.

Debugging PHP Code

  • PHP Error handling
  • PHP debugging tools
  • Suppressing errors


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Some understanding of programming concepts, HTML, and experience working with a DBMS is recommended prior to attending this course.

Create a Database Driven Web Application using PHP & Oracle – For example, create a Membership Application, an Orders Database, a CD shop catalogue & search project, or select a project of your own choice (after consultation with the trainer).

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Note: This class is a very practical, and hands-on workshop session. It requires you to take part in PHP programming techniques during the class. A laptop pre-loaded with the necessary software is provided to each participant, for use during this workshop.

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You can also join our 3 Day PHP & MySQL Workshop.

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