Microsoft Outlook 2007

Microsoft Outlook 2007 Training @Intellisoft
Microsoft Outlook 2007 Training @Intellisoft

Microsoft® Office Outlook 2007 teaches students how Outlook is structured, how to use the various modules to coordinate communications and collaborations with others. Modules covered in this courseware include Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and Notes. Also included are some advanced features commonly used for collaboration purposes such as sharing calendars, using RSS Feeds, adding address lists, or sending out of office notices.

Course Length:

The Microsoft Business Certification Series can adapt to meet various course length requirements. There are two types of exercises in this book: Learn the Skill and Practice the Skill (refer to the Conventions and Graphics section to identify the different icons used for each type).

We also have Outlook training on other versions

Learn Microsoft Outlook 2007 @Intellisoft
Learn Microsoft Outlook 2007 @Intellisoft

After completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • understand how Microsoft Office Outlook is set up and the different types of information you can track
  • create, edit, send, open, and manage messages such as replying or forwarding
  • use different types of options for tracking or managing messages such as voting buttons, flags, or level of importance
  • include and manage attachments being sent or received with messages
  • file and manage messages using folders
  • create or modify a signature for e-mail
  • create and edit appointments or events in the Calendar
  • create and schedule meetings with others
  • create and modify contacts using the Contacts module
  • work with one or more address books and distribution lists
  • create, modify and assign tasks
  • create, modify and customize notes
  • work with data files in Outlook
  • create search folders
  • managing junk e-mail
  • send Out of Office notices
  • use Really Simply Syndication (RSS)
  • manage the level of security in Outlook
  • share your calendar or contacts in Outlook with others
  • configure Outlook to be accessible from the Internet

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This course is designed for students who are familiar with personal computers, using a keyboard and using a mouse. The course assumes that students have completed the Microsoft Windows Level 1 course or have equivalent Microsoft Windows knowledge and experience.

After completion of this course you will become a proficient user of Microsoft Office Outlook 2007.

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Lesson 1: Introducing Outlook
Lesson Objectives
What is Microsoft Office Outlook
Using the Mail Module
Creating an E-mail Message
Reading and Viewing MessagesLesson 2: Responding to Messages and Message Options
Responding to Messages
Deleting a Message
Saving Messages
Printing Messages
Using Message Options
Message Settings
Voting and Tracking Options
Modifying Delivery Options
Assigning Categories
Flagging Messages

Lesson 3: Managing E-mail
Applying Themes and Stationery
Setting a Default Message Font
Working with Signatures
Working with Attachments
Sorting and Finding Messages
Managing Messages
Archiving Messages

Lesson 4: Using the Calendar
Looking at the Calendar
Navigating within the Calendar
Changing the View Options
Customizing the Calendar Options
Printing the CalendarLesson 5: Scheduling Items
Scheduling Items
Creating an Appointment
Scheduling Events
Sending Meeting Requests Understanding Meetings
Determining Available Meeting Times
Making Changes to Meetings and Notifying Attendees

Lesson 6:    Working with Contacts
Exploring the Contacts Module
Creating a New Contact
Editing a Contact
Finding Contacts
Using Electronic Business Cards
Printing ContactsLesson 7: Using Address Books and Distribution Lists
Understanding the Outlook Address Book
Working with Distribution ListsLesson 8: Using Tasks Working with Tasks
Setting Task Options
Changing the View Options
Customizing the To-Do Bar
Tracking Progress of a Task

Lesson 9: Using Notes
Looking at Notes
Creating Notes
Editing Notes
Organizing and Viewing Notes
Customizing Notes
Printing Notes

Lesson 10: Organizing Information
Using Search Folders
Customizing Message Handling Options
Managing Junk E-mail
Using RulesLesson 11: Collaborating with Others
Sending Out of Office Messages
Using Really Simple Syndication (RSS)
Configuring E-mail Message Security
Sharing Calendars
Sharing Your Contacts
Configuring Outlook to be Web Accessible

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No special pre-requisites are needed to attend this training. You must have an email account, the required Microsoft Outlook on your computer. We will teach you how to create, send, receive and manage the emails appropriately to maximize the software and improve your productivity.

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