Microsoft Office Word 2007

Microsoft Word 2007 Training @Intellisoft
Microsoft Word 2007 Training @Intellisoft

Microsoft Word 2007 focuses on basic document production using Microsoft Word 2007 and is designed to give the learner a sound understanding of how documents are created, formatted, and printed. It is ideal for people who work in offices and all businesses where there is a requirement to produce reports, budgets, lists, and the like.

Course Duration: 2 Days.

  •  Start & work with Microsoft Word 2007, its screens, menus, and dialog        boxes
  •     Create a new document from scratch
  •     Work with existing documents
  •     Work with text, including performing search and replace operations
  •     Cut and copy text around a document
  •     Format both text and paragraphs to produce appealing documents
  •     Work with page layout and design features
  •     Create and work with tables
  •     Print documents
  •     Access additional help and information as required.

Certificate of attendance would be given to participants.

Notes in folders will be provided.

Class Size:
8-12 participants

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Lesson 1: Introducing Word

  • Looking at the Screen
  • Working with Text
  • Working with Documents

Lesson 2: Manipulating Text

  •  Changing the View
  •  Adjusting the Zoom
  •  Splitting Windows
  •  Selecting Text
  •  Editing Text

Lesson 3: Formatting Content

  •  Formatting Characters
  •  Formatting Paragraphs
  •  Organizing List Information
  •  Using Spacing

Lesson 4: Working with Tabs

  •  Setting Tab Stops

Lesson 5: Formatting Documents

  •  Setting up the Document
  •  Controlling Text Flow
  •  Working with Section Breaks
  •  Using Headers and Footers

Lesson 6: Getting Ready to Print

  •  Proofing your Document
  •  Searching for Information
  •  Preparing to Print

Lesson 7: Using Publishing Tools

  •  What are Publishing Format Tools?
  •  Formatting with Styles
  •  Using the Format Painter
  •  Working with Columns
  •  Working with Document Backgrounds
Lesson 8: Working with Illustrations

  •  What are Illustrations?
  •  Working with Shape Objects

Lesson 9: Working with Text and Smart Art

  •  Using Other Types of Text
  •  Using Smart Art

Lesson 10: Using Tables

  •  Working with Tables
  •  Inserting a Table
  •  Manipulating Items
  •  Formatting the Table
  •  Working with Formulas

Lesson 11: Customizing Word Items

  •  Changing Word Options
  •  Working with Templates
  •  Using Themes

Lesson 12: Building Content

  •  Understanding Building Blocks
  •  Using the Building Blocks Organizer

Lesson 13: Merging Documents

  • Merging and Mailings
  • Merging to Envelopes or Labels

Lesson 14: Organizing Information

  •  Sorting List

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Microsoft Training at Intellisoft

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