PMP FAQ – Eligibility Criteria

There are 3 conditions that you must meet before you can fill up your PMP exam application form for the PMP Credential from PMI.

1. You must have a Degree or a Diploma. From any university – whether distance learning or regular class degree. Any degree – Science, Arts, Medicine, Architecture,, Mathematics, Business, Engineering, Technical, Computer Science etc. is all fine.

However, just having a O Level certification ( 10 years of formal education – upto Class 10 (O Level) or Secondary 4 education is not enough to sit for the PMP examination.

If you have a diploma in your profession, then it is fine. It can be from any institution or college, as long as it says that this is a diploma in your profession.

For specific information on the eligibility, you can check out the PMP Handbook published by PMI.

2. Professional Experience in Project Management. You must have experience in managing projects. Atleast 4,500 hours of project management experience (almost equal to 3 years of managing projects), if you are a Degree holder. However if you have a Diploma, you need to show proof of having atleast 7,500 hours of project management experience, (worth about 5 years of project management experience).

Now your title or designation on these projects may not necessarily have to be of a “Project Manager”. You may be called a Project Engineer, Senior Engineer, Team Leader, Tear Manager, or a functional title like Finance Manager, IT Manager or the likes. This is fine, as long as you were managing projects – were responsible for the budget, managing the resources, working with the customers, team members, management, stakeholders, vendors and contractors. You had key responsibilities, and you worked in all the areas of project management.

3. The third key requirement is to have a formal education on Project Management. Atleast a full 35 hours ( called 35 PDUs – Professional Development Units) of formal PM education. 1 PDU is equivalent to 1 hour of project management training.

Almost every city and country has multiple training companies providing Project Management Training. Some create 35 hour long courses which run from 4 to 5 days, and help you to prepare for the PMP Exam. This way, you get the education in project management also, and meet the minimum requirement too. Best of both worlds!

Intellisoft PMP Exam Prep Training Programs / Corporate Training Solutions
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We also offer in-house training programs if you have a group of 10 or more participants interested in getting the PMP credential and advance your career. Ask us about our Corporate Training Programs for PMP Exam.

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