Intellisoft PMP Hall of Fame

Congratulations to our PMP Exam Prep Training participants, who have successfully completed the PMP Certification from PMI.

This shows your commitment to continuous learning, advancing your career prospects, and showcasing your professional capabilities in the field of Project Management.

Here is a short list of names, who studied at Intellisoft Systems to attain their PMP exam. This was way back in 2003. Since then, for over 20+ years, Intellisoft has trained thousands of professionals like you to achieve the PMP Certification.

Participant NameCompany Name
Phoebe Yin, PMPNCS
Henry Philikham, PMP 
Sajeev Menon, PMPSeagate
David Tanjaya, PMP 
Sanjay Puranik, PMP 
Lloyd Davis, PMPCitibank
Philip Jacob, PMP 

Join the Best PMP Exam Prep Course in Singapore

Are you aspiring to excel in project management and propel your career to new heights? 

Look no further than the PMP Exam Prep Course at Intellisoft Systems. This comprehensive and meticulously designed course is tailored to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to conquer the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam. 

Backed by Intellisoft Systems’ reputation for excellence in professional training, this course is your pathway to mastering project management best practices and earning the prestigious PMP certification.

Features of the PMP Exam Prep Course:

  1. Expert Instructors: Our PMP Exam Prep Course is led by seasoned project management professionals who bring real-world experience to the classroom. Their expertise not only covers the exam curriculum but also delves into practical insights and industry nuances.

  2. Comprehensive Curriculum: The course curriculum aligns seamlessly with the latest Project Management Institute (PMI) standards. It covers all knowledge areas and process groups, ensuring you’re well-prepared for any exam question that comes your way.

  3. Interactive Learning: Engage in interactive learning experiences that go beyond traditional lectures. Participate in group discussions, case studies, hands-on exercises, and simulations to reinforce your understanding of project management concepts.

  4. Practice Exams: Prepare for the PMP exam with a variety of practice tests and quizzes. These mirror the actual exam format and help you gauge your progress while identifying areas that require further attention.

  5. Study Resources: Gain access to a treasure trove of study materials, including reference guides, sample questions, and study aids. These resources serve as valuable companions throughout your exam preparation journey.

  6. Flexible Learning Options: INtellisoft Systems understands the demands of a busy professional life. Choose from flexible learning options, including in-person classes, virtual classrooms, or even self-paced online modules.

Benefits of PMP Certification:

  1. Global Recognition: The PMP certification is globally recognized and respected, opening doors to job opportunities and career advancement across various industries and countries.

  2. Enhanced Skills: The PMP certification signifies that you possess a comprehensive understanding of project management principles, best practices, and methodologies, making you a more effective project leader.

  3. Higher Earning Potential: PMP-certified professionals often command higher salaries due to their proven expertise in managing complex projects successfully.

  4. Networking Opportunities: Join a community of like-minded professionals and experts in the field, expanding your professional network and enabling you to learn from others’ experiences.

Getting Started for the PMP Exam Preparation Workshop at INtellisoft:

  1. Enrollment: Visit the official Intellisoft Systems website to explore course details, schedules, and enrollment options.

  2. Registration: Complete the PMP exam preparation workshop registration process by providing your information and selecting your preferred learning mode (in-person, virtual, or online).

  3. Course Access: Once registered, you’ll receive access to the course materials and resources. Take advantage of these to begin your preparation journey.

  4. Attend Classes: If you’ve opted for in-person or virtual classes, attend the scheduled sessions, actively participate, and engage with your instructors and peers.

  5. Self-Paced Learning: For online learners, progress through the modules at your own pace, leveraging the study materials, practice exams, and other resources.

  6. Practice and Review: Regularly test your knowledge with practice exams and quizzes. Identify areas of improvement and revisit specific topics as needed.

  7. Exam Application: When you feel adequately prepared, follow PMI’s guidelines to apply for the PMP exam. Intellisoft Systems might provide guidance or assistance with this step.

The PMP Exam Prep Course at Intellisoft Systems is your gateway to conquering the PMP certification exam and gaining mastery in project management.

With its comprehensive curriculum, expert instructors, and flexible learning options, this course is a strategic investment in your professional growth.

Embrace the benefits of PMP certification and embark on a journey that promises to elevate your project management career to unprecedented heights.

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