Eye Opener on theroretical views on project management success however will require practice- Mr Yen, Sembawang Shipyard Pte Ltd

To understand overall picture of project, as a part of big project-Mr. Nagesh, PT. McDermott Indonesia

Can get the better PositionMr. Jamal, Taj Engg. Pte. Ltd

Enhance on strong project management skill when managing projectsMs.Seng, Sony Electronics (Singapore) Pte Ltd

I can apply the concept to my current work and help me obtain certification also has an impact to my workMs Ann, AXA Life Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd

It will help me manage my production team much more effectivelyMr Pang, Sunny Metal & Engineering Pte Ltd

Related to my job and a lot of new things that I can implement in my jobMr Handro, PT. McDermott Indonesia

It helps me to manage project more professional and efficientMr Huyen, Jurong Consultants Pte Ltd

Definitely useful and applicable to share PMP best practices share knowledge with college ,encourage them to take up if intendedMr Low, Merck Pte Ltd

This will provide the project knowledge and methods that will help me in my jobMr Loh, Toll Offshore Petroleum Services Pte Ltd

After going through the 4-days PMP Exam Prep Course with Intellisoft Systems, I have been impressed with their course contents and structure. The course had been very intensive and comprehensive. Because of its years of experience, the ways I was taught to tackle the PMP exam questions are very effective and efficient.

Mr. Vinai Prakash has been a good trainer because of his interactive teaching skills and many years of project management experience which he shared many of his real stories during the course. Also, he recommended the whole class to setup a closed loop group with information sharing which has helped a lot.

Finally I have passed my PMP test and am now a certified Project Management Professional. I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to Vinai and his team at Intellisoft Systems who have done a great job.

William Choong, PMP

Click Here to Watch More Video Testimonials and Class Room Photos.

Advanced Excel

Improve my understanding of Excel – Ms. Hassan, Asahi kasei Plastics Singapore Pte Ltd

Help me to view multi workbook at times – Ms carrie, The Toa Reinsurance Co Ltd

This course has given me the confidence to produce efficient and effective excel. Reports –Ms. Kalaivani, KMG chemical Pte Ltd

Able to use pivot table more efficiently for report – MS Fong The Toa Reinsurance Co Ltd

Improve efficiency- Mr. Lim, Qualcomm CDMA Technologies Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Have learned shortcuts and tricks to be more efficiently – Ms Grace, Creganna Tactx Medical

It will really help my job more efficient, easy and faster – Ms Catherine, Creganna Tactx Medical

Organise work efficiently through Excel spread sheet – Mr Othman, Changi airport group (Singapore) Pte Ltd.

I will get to apply useful techniques, I have not previously aware of on my job- Mr Phang, Hunting energy services

It helps me to understand how excel can do a lot more planning in my work – MS Elizabeth, U- distribution Pte Ltd

Basic – Intermediate Excel

It will help me to apply all those functions to my current job scope-Mr Loo, Glencore Coal Sales Pte. Limited

Improve my excel scales which help me in my paper work-Mr. Mahmud , Asahi Kasei Synthetic Rubber Singapore Pte Ltd

It certainly help me in some of the problems I encounter in doing spread sheet- Ms. Lim, The Toa Reinsurance Co Ltd

Make my work more efficient – Mr. Ling, The Toa Reinsurance Co Ltd

Time saving- Mr Tan, Manulife (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Improve Productivity by reducing manual repetitive entry or formattingMr Quah, Tesumo BCT Asia pacific Pte Ltd

Have basic knowledge to do daily office workMr Abdullah, Pioneer Electronics Asia centre pte ltd

Getting things done easier and fasterMr Tan, Furukawa electric Singapore Pte Ltd

Help to increase the speed in which we use excel can reduce the step and manual inputsMs Weiling , Temask Polytecnic

I will be able to maintain the existing database under my care, and improve its uses to my advantageMs Nurul, NTUC Eldercare


CAN HELP ME TO START UP USING MACRO- Mr Ng, Micro –Mechnices Pte Ltd

Able to edit on the existing report-Ms Sally, Micro –Mechnices Pte Ltd

Automate task- Ms Chia, Alphadyne Asset Management P/L

Improvements on reports and efficiency- Ms Rochelle, Incall Systems Pte Ltd

Better understanding existing macros and create macros for new project in the pipeline-Mr Ting, John Wiley & Sons Singapore Pte Ltd

Speed up repetitive process by use of macro- Mr Leonard, Seaco Asia Pte Ltd

Reduce and eliminate replications-Ms Tan, Levi Strauss Asia Pacific Division Pte Ltd

Improve efficiency- Mr Kuan, Hilton International Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Clear and easy to understand- Ms Kai, Banyan tree

Automation of excel tasks –Mr Chen, Rockwell Automation

MS Project

Project planning-Ms Ed, Chan& Chan Engineering Pte Ltd

Project Scheduling –Mr Ong, Dril-Quip Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Better in planning for new project-Mr Wing, J Plan Associates Pte Ltd

Create and track projects properly and quicker-Mr Phillips, Vantage Drilling

To get promotion and to keep the project up to date- Ms Elangovan, ARID Builders Pte Ltd

Able to create MS Project Plan-Mr Ang, Afton Chemical Asia Pte Ltd

Assist to perform project planning in effective way-Mr Chang, Chan&Chan Engineering Pte Ltd

Work out the Program-Ms Tan, Who Hup Pte Ltd

Very helpful- Mr Sankar, ABS Consulting (S) Pte Ltd

Project planning and monitoring– Mr Binte, Delta Marine Consultants Singapore Pte Ltd

Power Point

More function to input and more details to present to customer-Mr. Yup, Kuehne +Nagel Pte Ltd

Improve presentation skills-Ms. Alicia, Media crop Pte Ltd

It will help me to present good sales presentation-Ms Tan, Furukawa electronics Singapore

Enhance a better presentation-Ms Ling, KCA deutag tender barges Pte Ltd

More confidence in preparing slides-Mr Liew, KCA deutag tender barges Pte Ltd

Create better presentation slides-Mr Lok, Kuehne + Nagel Pte Ltd

More efficient knowledge on how to share copy and prepare slides and savinf in different file for different formate- Mr Marcus, Kuehne + Nagel Pte Ltd

Learned a new tricks-Mr Peter , Kuehne + Nagel Pte Ltd

Allow me to do my own PowerPoint- Mr Stolk , Kuehne + Nagel Pte Ltd

MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)

Become more familiar with the new setup in 2010 and become more efficient-Mr Peng, Landsbank Baden-Wuerttemberg

It can save lot of time in my job because of this training – Mr Vijaya ganesh, Straits Construction Singapore Pte Ltd

Very helpful-Ms Mizeva

It will help me in admin work –Mr George, Special Operation command

Will help me in day to day work – Mr Asokan , Special Operation command

This training help me to count the water reading and ELC reading in excel format and balance charge for the some companies is useful for my job-Mr Venkateswaran, Straits Construction Singapore Pte Ltd

Better understanding of MS office, thus more efficient in Job performance-Mr Rahman, People’s Association

Efficiency enhance in using Microsoft office-Mr. Mohamad, People’s Association

Microsoft word to cater my future usage- Ms Penny , People’s Association

To get work done in Ms Office efficiently- Ms. Foon , People’s Association


Enhance me to apply to my report format – Mr Ling , St Luke’s Hospital

Tis allow more interactive presentation to the management-Mr Bui, St Luke’s Hospital

Interactive charts-Mr Tan, Caterpillar Propulsion Pte Ltd

It can make dashboard easier and faster-Mr Billy, Pt. Bank Mandiri (Persero) TBK

For data analysis- Mr Fung , Shell Eastern Petroleum Pte Ltd.

I can apply the new knowledge gained in my data analysis job aspect- Ms May , Exploit Technologies Pte Ltd

Data analysis and reporting- Ms Lawrence, Canon Singapore Pte Ltd.

To create the dashboard neat and easy to read- Mr Ivonne , UBTS Pte Ltd

In terms of doing dynamic selection in excel-Mr Tham , St Luke’s Hospital

Making a report presentable- Ms Tan , St Luke’s Hospital


Cleaning up data- Mr Neo, Singapore Land authority

Lesser time in doing report- Mr Chan, Eng Kong Container Agencies Pte Ltd

I will simplify my charts and make my data presentationless cluttered. Also learnrt to be analytical with my pivot tables- Mr Toh, St Luke’s Hospital.

To Analysis data- Ms Peng, Ministry of Manpower

Simple statistic would be a great help to identify , building models from my data-Ms Billy, PT. Bank Mandiri (Parsero)TBK

Could be applied in my process data analysis-Mr. Loh, OMG Electronic Chemicals

New skills learnt will be used to analysis data- Ms sani, National university Hospital

I am able to apply the technique used on my job-Ms Ling, Ministry of Manpower

Communication Skills

To communicate in passive aspects-Mr Reddy, Cloud pay Asia Pte Ltd

Able to communicate better with my client and colleagues- Ms Tee, J C Decaux Singapore Pte Ltd.

Avoid unusual pitfalls in communication at work- Ms Trinh , SembCorp Industries Ltd

Apply Pivots and some function as better-Ms Grace, Pacorini Metals Asia Pte Ltd

This Expedite the timing to prepare worksheet- Ms Regina, Pacorini Metals Asia Pte Ltd

Managing Data – Ms Chang , Pacorini Metals Asia Pte Ltd

Help me to generate better reports- Mr Chandra, Pacorini Metals Asia Pte Ltd

To get achieve the result faster- Ms Sindy , Pacorini Metals Asia Pte Ltd

For month end closing report- Ms Angelin, Pacorini Metals Asia Pte Ltd

To apply the various chart type-Ms Tina , Pacorini Metals Asia Pte Ltd

Java Script

Help me to code to validate my online forms-Ms Marie, UE Support Services Pte Ltd


Understand the use of PHP-Mr NG, Appxes Solution Pte Ltd

I will be able to improve on the current online form system and may be streamline, reduce on the printing of hardcopies to online- Mr Tan, Metta Welfare association

Can use a PHP Program to use , Can design a website- Mr Edison , Metta Welfare association

It will be able to create a simple database to simplify work procedures- Mr Mok, Johnson Controls Pte Ltd

It should be able to figure out the easy way out to execute things in a better way- Ms Sabri, Jetsea Logistic Pte Ltd

C Programming

To be able to do some simple programming- Mr Lim, Shimano (S) Pte Ltd

To understand basic knowledge of C- Programming – Mr Jeffery, Shimano (S) Pte Ltd

How to be a Better Project Manager

To implement MS Project for project management in y company- Mr Pang , MEA Technologies Pte Ltd

Learn better project managing- Ms Tan, MEA Technologies Pte Ltd

Expedite Planning Schedule- Mr Chua, Marc- Plan Pte Ltd.

Practical’s aspects wise very useful- Mr Anthony, Institute of Mental health.


Working with Vinai is a real pleasure. He is very knowledgeable about Email Marketing, SEO, eCommerce, and Internet Marketing.

Vinai came up with many ideas to customize my monthly newsletter which goes out to over 68,000 subscribers. Using Vinai’s effective up-selling and cross-selling techniques, we see a substantial increase of revenue from our newsletter, and a boost in traffic & sales every time we send out the newsletter.

With every page optimized by hand, www.UpYourService.com now ranks in the first page of Google and Yahoo for very competitive keywords.

I am delighted to recommend Vinai to help you with your eMarketing strategy and get higher returns electronically

– Ron Kaufman, Bestselling author, UP Your Service!

Email Marketing

Very practical tips. Relevant information given. It will help me to market my product to potential customers by building customer relationships with my members. The greatest strength is the depth of knowledge and experience shared by Vinai and his expertise in the area of email marketing.

– Sean Foo, Serve Hope Pte Ltd

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