PMP Exam FAQ – 1

Frequenty Asked Questions on the PMP® Exam

Eligibility for PMP®

  1. What is the eligibility criteria for the PMP® exam?
  2. I have worked as a team member in the projects. Do I qualify for the PMP® exam?
  3. I only have a diploma. Am I eligible for the PMP® exam?

PMP Exam Preparation

  1. How many questions are there?
  2. What kind of questions come in the PMP® exam?
  3. How long is the exam?
  4. Can I book the exam now?

About the PMP® Exam

  1. For how long is the PMP® exam certificate valid?

About Intellisoft PMP® Exam Preparation Workshop

  1. Can I give the exam just after completing the PMP® Exam Preparation Workshop?
  2. Do you guarantee that I will pass the PMP® exam?
  3. Is the Course Fees inclusive of PMP® Exam Fees?

Continuous Credit Requirements – Collecting PDUs for CCRs

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