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Using Templates in Access 2013

Using templates in Access 2013 is easy because, as with other Office programs, you can select a template right on the new document screen. Office 2013 in general boasts a lot of helpful templates to get you started on projects more quickly, and you’ll notice some interesting ones in Access 2013. There is a selection of table templates. You can take a pre-designed table with the required details. You can also start with design that somebody else has made for a particular type of data.

You can put documents together pretty quickly in the other programs and can customize on your own. An Access database can have so many elements that using something like an inventory database with reports already set up really made sense. These templates are usually adaptable enough that they make document creation easier in other applications, too. You can also try this by joining us.

Apps in Access 2013

Application in Microsoft Access 2013

Access 2013 users will notice a new emphasis on apps–as in building your own, in addition to using pre-made apps. You might group a couple of templates into an app or create an app dealing with customer data, for example. All this is made easy thanks to a user-friendly interface for general users.

So as far as apps go, you have the option to find one in the Office store, find a Web App Template, or customize your own Web Apps.

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A Focus on the Web: Office 365, SharePoint 2013, and Access 2013

Focus on Web

Companies have been able to host their own database through SharePoint and SQL Server on their internal network.

A company that also subscribes to certain Office 365 plans with SharePoint can now host Access 2013 databases in the Cloud, set with public or private permissions.

A focus on the web is seen throughout all Office 2013 applications, with easy sharing to SkyDrive and social media.

SQL Server: Behind the Scenes of Access 2013

SQL Server

SQL Server has been improved in Access 2013, which translates to more opportunities as well as better speed and reliability.

Specifically, SQL Azure Databases will be available for some Office 365 business plans.

Because of all the SQL improvements, now you also have more options to manage connections in Access 2013. Permissions are more advanced in Access 2013. You will also be able to more readily incorporate advanced reporting tools such as Power View, Excel, and Crystal Reports into your Access 2013 database. These allow for greater analysis of data.

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