MYSQL Database Training Gaining Ground

MYSQL database has been getting more and more popular by the day. According to Forrester, “MySQL has the highest adoption and growth. MySQL continues to have the largest mindshare in the open source database market and has the highest number of paying customers for product support”.

What is the reason for MySQL database popularity?

1. Scalability, Flexibility of MySQL

2. High Performance – The database offer high performance even with large database size of many gigabytes easily.

3. Robust Transactional Support – With row level locking, full transactional support, data integrity assurance, distributed transactional capabilities, and instant deadlock detection, it is a boon to write robust transactional support applications.

4.  Data Warehouse strength – With the ability to load high volume of data easily, and process it with ease, MySQL is becoming the database of choice for high performance query support. It scales up to terabytes of database size easily for doing data warehousing and data mining.

5. Strong Security Support – To ensure absolute data protection, MySQL applies multiple layers to security. It also allows for SSH and SSL connections, and it is easy to set customizable views, allowing users to see only what they are allowed to see, and nothing more.

There are hundreds of other reasons to use MySQL as your database of choice, over Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server etc.

If you would like to know more, you can join our 2 Day class on Introduction to MySQL, where we teach how to configure, setup, and use MySQL database from scratch.

All the elements to use MySQL for single table queries, multiple queries, joins, views is covered in detail.

There are a number of hands-on exercises to do to learn the database easily, quickly, and without any hassles.

The MySQL training course is very practical, and hands-on course, where you learn by doing.

Contact Intellisoft at +65 6250-3575 for any questions on MySQL training courses.

This training is also available for Corporates, to be conducted in-house, if you have a group of 8 or more participants.

Visit Intellisoft Training website for more trainings, training calendar, and to register online for the MySQL Training.

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