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Power Apps Training To Create Mobile Apps for iOS & Android

PowerApps & PowerAutomate MasterClass

Course Outline Course Objectives Pre-Requisites Target Audience Course Outline This is a detailed, step-by-step training course for you to get hands-on experience with the Microsoft Power Platform technologies – Power Apps, Power Automate, and Microsoft Dataverse. The training includes practical, hands-on exercises for people new to these technologies to build low-code app solutions within a

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Excel training at Intellisoft in Singapore

Infographics & Data Visualization with Excel

Learn to Analyze & Visualize Data With Infographics & Pivot Tables Up To 70% WSQ Grant. Use SkillsFuture & UTAP to offset the balance. Learn Advanced Excel Skills to Save Time & Impress Achieve More with Data Analysis & Visualizaiton Tricks What Will You Learn in this Advanced Excel Training? How to Analyze & Visualize

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PMP Exam Preparation Training in Singapore

NICF Project Management Professional (PMP)

Key Features of NICF – Project Management Professional (PMP) Training Interactive instructor-led PMP certification training Mock tests to make you become confident when appearing for the PMP certification exam Meets the PMI-required 35 contact hours eligibility requirement to get PMP certified successfully Skills You Will Gain With PMP Training Project Planning Cost Management Risk Management

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Advanced Powerpoint practical hands-on at Intellisoft

Mastering PowerPoint Presentations

Training For Your Entire Department?We offer Customized Solutions For Training at Your Office or Our Training CentreGet Corporate Training QuoteOne-to-One TrainingCan’t attend the whole day? Get a 1-1 coaching for the topics you need.Arrange a One-To-One Training Course Outline Course Objectives Pre-Requisites Target Audience Course Outline Course Objectives Pre-Requisites Target Audience Course Objectives Target Audience

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Learn to convert data into information into knowledge into wisdom at Intellisoft Systems Singapore

From Data Frustration to Data Transformation: A Success Story

The Challenge of Having Too Much Data & Too Little Time In today’s data-driven business landscape, the ability to extract meaningful insights from vast amounts of information is crucial. The amount of data that is coming is too fast, and there is hardly any time to analyze it. This challenge is faced by too many

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Excel Functions & Shortcuts CheatSheet Pages

Excel Shortcuts & Functions Reference Guide

Free pdf guide Tired of Cleaning Messy Data in Excel manually? Raw data is often dirty… blanks, dates & numbers appearing as text. We often need to clean the data manually. But do you know there are amazing functions in Excel, that can do that job for you within seconds? Now You Can Quickly Clean

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Microsoft Access Training in Singapore

Is Microsoft Access Still Relevant Now?

Large companies can use the corporate databases hosted on expensive servers, and then get multiple database administrators, server administrators to manage the servers. Startups, small businesses, SME companies cannot afford these luxuries. For simple to complex, single user or multiuser database applications, most solopreneurs, and SME companies rely on Microsoft Access. It is well suited,

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Learn SQL to query any database quickly in Singapore

What is SQL & Why You Should Learn It

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It is the language used to interact with any RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL. Attending a SQL training course will teach you how to query SQL databases, step by step. The most common types of requests are where you want to pick out

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FAQ About Advanced Excel Training

How To Learn Advanced Excel Fast

Advanced Excel FAQ: What is Advanced Excel, Why should you learn it, How to learn Advanced Excel in Singapore – A Fast Start Guide to Becoming an Expert at Advanced Excel Skills Every organization uses Microsoft Excel in their day to day work. Most employees & managers know Excel to some extent. And they are

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Data Interpretation & Analysis

Top 5 cool Career options that rely on Data Analysis

What Is Data Analysis? And How Can You Start Learning It Today! Did you know that Data science and Analysis positions are often the hardest ones for a company to fill? Thanks to exploding demand for data professionals, there are a ton of open roles and not enough candidates to fill them. Translation? Data analysis

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Microsoft PowerPoint Training at Intellisoft

5 Impressive Features of Power Point You Never Knew

Been using PowerPoint For Long? See if you know these hidden features to make impressive presentations & Seal The Deal! They say a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. The most memorable presentations are those that not only deliver powerful content—but also include visual appeal. Microsoft PowerPoint has the much-needed powerful and visual punch to

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Get the Most Benefits of Microsoft Outlook With Intellisoft Singapore

Best Practices For Managing Emails With Microsoft Outlook

Suffering from Monday Morning Blues?  Ever thought of a way of Managing Emails better ? One of the key reason for these blues is the deluge of emails you will receive as soon as you open your Outlook Inbox. And then throughout the day, you will keep going to meetings & discussions… Every time you

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Achieved Reporting Nirvana with Intellisoft Singapore

Have You Achieved Reporting Nirvana?

Huh! What’s that? Just see the image below & check where you see yourself – in Reporting Hell or Reporting Nirvana… If you are trapped in Reporting Hell, here’s your Typical Reporting Day Step 1: Bring the latest data files each month. This could be in Text, CSV, Excel files.Step 2: Open each file. Step

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Learn Python for Data Analysis at Intellisoft Singapore

Why Learn Python For Data Analysis: An Eye Opener

Python Popularity Wondering Why Learn Python? The workplace has already changed. As technology continues to rapidly transform industries & jobs, staying relevant & competitive requires continuously updating, diversifying, and building completely new skill sets. Today, Data analysis is no longer the job of IT folks. Everyone is required to analyze the past, adapt to change,

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How Good Are Your Soft Skills?

Most people learn the hard skills in college, and be a good engineer, architect, doctor, or a specialist based on the skills learnt in the academia. This is fine, and it helps in the initial years. However, as time goes by, you use less and less of these specialist, hard skills, and you need more

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Microsoft Project training at Intellisoft, Singapore

Microsoft Project Training Crucial to Project Success

Many project managers think Microsoft Project software (Microsoft Project 2016, MS Project 2013 et. el.) to be just useful for creating a list of things to do… like a laundry list. Some think that MS Project is more of a scheduling software, and it is useful only upto coming up with a Gantt Chart or

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