Do You Use These Advanced Features in Microsoft Excel?

Advanced Excel training at Intellisoft
Practical hands-on advanced excel training at Intellisoft
Practical hands-on advanced excel training at Intellisoft

Most people hardly use the huge number of features available in Microsoft Excel. Many are just using Excel as a calculator. This is a gross under use of Excel’s vast potential and feature rich functionality.

Do a quick check, and see if you use these advanced features of Microsoft Excel in your day to day work.

Some of the common things that can be done easily with Excel are:

  1. Finding the Top 10 Customers or Finding the Bottom 10 Performers in the organization
  2. Highlight values that are above or below a certain threshold – like all sales above $25,000 to be highlighted
  3. Sort the values in Ascending, Descending or any customized order – like sorting in order of Manufacturing, Accounts, Sales departments.
  4. Give Names to Range of Cells, and then use them in formulas for easy referencing and decoding
  5. Exploit Pivot Tables to Summarize the data and slice & dice it in any way – finding sales by product groups, or calculating productivity by department
  6. Write Macros to automate routine things that save you a huge amount of time – example creating pivots, charts, tables, and doing complex calculations automatically.
  7. Use advanced filtering conditions, and be able to filter data using multiple different criteria
  8. Create fantastic charts that portray the given business situation perfectly. There are over 50 different types of charts to choose from, and each has its edge, advantages and a reason.
  9. Create management dashboard that are dynamic, and provide a complete snapshot of the key business KPIs in the company – change the chart values at the click of a checkbox or change in a drop-down value
  10. Use Excel’s advanced What-If analysis to do projections for future, forecasting, trend analysis etc. with ease
  11. Use Lookup tables to find any value or corresponding value from a table using advanced functions and formulas

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Microsoft Excel is really extremely powerful. Each version of Microsoft Excel – be it Excel 2007, or Excel 2010 or Excel 2013 adds more and more features to the already powerful dynamite of a package.

At Intellisoft, we teach people how to leverage the maximum power out of Microsoft Excel in short training courses. Some of the popular courses are:

We have a number of Public Classes each month, and we also provided In-House Training to your staff and team at your office, if you have a group of 10+ people, and have a room to hold the training.

So what are you waiting for? If you would like to learn any one or more of such useful features of Microsoft Excel, come for a short Excel Training at Intellisoft.

Go ahead, equip your team with the right skills. Get everyone on board to learn the basic and advanced features of Microsoft Excel, and Be Awesome in Excel!

Email to or call +65-6250-3575 for the next available schedule of Microsoft Excel Training in Singapore.

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Learn Excel VBA in Singapore

Excel VBA training at Intellisoft Singapore

Microsoft Excel is an extremely useful tool for any business analyst, finance executive, or power user. It helps to automate huge number of  calculations, with ease, and improves productivity.

Each Microsoft Excel version, be it Excel 2016 or Excel 2019, comes with a feature to Record Macros in Excel. This important feature provides us with with a technique to record a complex set of steps in Excel, and then run them over and over again, with a single click – it can save hours of work for a busy analyst.

To take the power of Excel Macros further, you can learn to edit the macros, and write your own macros, by hand. Excel provide you with this functionality, through the use of Visual Basic for Application or VBA in short. This is an extension of the Visual Basic Programming language, but customized for use with Microsoft Excel.

Most people are intimidated by programming, but Excel VBA programming is much simpler, and is easier to learn and apply.

Using VBA, you can Create Macros that do simple tasks, manipulate recorded properties and methods, and even do file operations like opening a CSV file, reading its contents, loading the data into a Excel file, append it to a database, adding sheets, creating pivot tables on the fly,  and much more.

Our 3 Day Excel VBA workshop in Singapore, is a very practical and useful training in Excel VBA. It guides perfect newbies into programming, using VBA and they begin to write simple to complex macros and VBA programs in a short period of time.

Most participants are delighted by this training. Here’s some recent feedback from the VBA Macro Training held in Singapore in 2016-2017:

* Good pace, very interactive, good examples that seemed applicable, class size is not too big, appropriate breaks, comfortable atmosphere with humor, and extra examples given.

* Enjoyed the training very much. I can efficiently apply it in my work in future.

Excel VBA (Macro) training at Intellisoft
Excel VBA (Macro) training at Intellisoft

* The coding part was fun, and learnt how VBA does wonders. It introduced Excel in a new dimension!

* The training will help me automate certain procedures and create creative solutions easily in Excel, using VBA.

* Examples we used were very interesting and relevant

The GREATEST STRENGTH of the VBA EXCEL Training is that it is Easy Enough for People with NO Programming Background.

Excel VBA Training Schedule

You can find more information about Excel 2016 VBA (Macro) and Excel 2019 VBA (Macro) schedules, or call us at +65 6250-3575 for Self Sponsored or Corporate Training on Excel VBA.

To Register online for the next Excel VBA Macro class, visit our Online Registration section.

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