Why Learn Python For Data Analysis: An Eye Opener

Python Popularity
Python - Number 1 Programming Language

The workplace has already changed. As technology continues to rapidly transform industries & jobs, staying relevant & competitive requires continuously updating, diversifying, and building completely new skill sets.

Today, Data analysis is no longer the job of IT folks. Everyone is required to analyze the past, adapt to change, and forecast the future. The ability to do so well is increasingly what will keep your job.

Learn Python & Stay Relevant

Python is a great programming language for data science and general data analysis. It is open-source & free to download for anyone, unlike commercial tools like SAS or SPSS. Find out why you must learn Python for your current & future jobs.

Purpose of Learning Python

It is suitable for almost any data science task, from data manipulation and automation to ad-hoc analysis and exploring datasets.

Python is easy to learn, even for complete beginners. You don’t need a background in IT or computer science.

Who Uses Python?

Python is used by people that want to go deeper into data analysis or apply statistical techniques, and by most people who turn to data science.

Python is a production-ready language, meaning it has the capacity to be a single tool that integrates with every part of your workflow!

Why Learn Python
Why You Must Learn Python

Python Usability

Whether you work in Manufacturing, Services, Banking, Finance, Logistics, Telecom, Marine, Oil & Gas, Shipping, IT or any other industry, you’ll be able to apply Python to everyday work, just like millions of other people. People with a software or engineering background may find Python comes more naturally to them.

  • Coding and debugging is way easier than other programming languages because of the simple syntax of Python
  • Python has a robust ecosystem and is commonly considered one of the easier programming languages to read and learn. Its programming syntax is simple and its commands mimic the English language.
  • Python code is syntactically clear and elegant, easily interpretable, and easy to type.
  • It’s great for building data science pipelines and machine learning products integrated with web frameworks at scale.

Python is Flexible

Python is flexible for creating something that has never been done before. You can also use it for scripting websites or other applications.

Python Is Easy To Learn

Python’s focus on readability and simplicity means its learning curve is relatively linear and smooth.

Python is considered a good language for beginners. No wonder it is the Number 1 Programming language in the world.

Python Programming Training Singapore
Python Programming Training Singapore

Advantages of Python Over Other Languages

  1. General-purpose programming languages are useful beyond just data analysis.
  2. Python has gained popularity for its code readability, speed, and many other functionalities too.
  3. It is great for mathematical computation & learning how algorithms work.
  4. Python has high ease of deployment and reproducibility.

Popular Libraries and Packages

  • pandas to easily manipulate data
  • SciPy and NumPy for scientific computing
  • Scikit-learn for machine learning
  • Matplotlib and seaborn to make graphics & charts
  • statsmodels to explore data, estimate statistical models, and perform statistical tests and unit tests

Getting Started in Python

There are many Python IDEs to choose from which drastically reduce the overhead of organizing code, output, and notes files. Jupyter Notebooks and Spyder are 2 such popular tools that we teach at Intellisoft.

Learn Python Step-By-Step: Instructor Led Training

The best approach to get initiated with using Python is to go for our Step by Step, Beginner Course to introduce the Python Language to you.

With an experienced and knowledgeable instructor ready to explain simple to complex topics with ease, it will be a much better experience.

Plus, attending training will significantly reduce the learning curve, and you will thank yourself for having a quick and rapid start to learning the world’s most popular language – Python.

Contact Us for our Python Training Programs.

Call +65-6296-2995 or email training@intellisoft.com.sg for a Python course brochure.

Article Written By: Vinai Prakash, Intellisoft Systems

Advantages of JavaScript

Speed: Being client-side, JavaScript is very fast because any code functions can be run immediately instead of having to contact the server and wait for an answer.

Simplicity: JavaScript is relatively simple to learn and implement.

Versatility: JavaScript plays nicely with other languages and can be used in a huge variety of applications. Unlike PHP or SSI scripts, JavaScript can be inserted into any web page regardless of the file extension. JavaScript can also be used inside scripts written in other languages such as Perl and PHP.

Server Load: Being client-side reduces the demand on the website server.

Libraries: Many code libraries for JavaScript functions are freely available. These allow developers to provide extensive levels of functionality without having to implement the details themselves.

Content Management: JavaScript allows developers a level of flexibility in terms of the information that is displayed within a page.

Styling: JavaScript can alter the style of website elements as users interact with them. Common uses of this technique include altering the appearance of an interactive item such as a menu option when the user moves her mouse on and off it, changing the colors and images displayed within it. JavaScript can also create animations within Web pages, making the appearance and disappearance of page elements smoother and more engaging.

Interactivity: JavaScript functions often enhance interactivity with a Web page. Developers can create JavaScript functions to implement interactivity within user control features.

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Programming in C – Hands On Training in Singapore

Intellisoft Systems is proud to bring you new and exciting IT Training Courses. We have added yet another popular course for you – Programming in C Language.

This training is divided into 2 classes – a Beginners 2 Day C Programming Course, where you will learn the Fundamentals of C Programming – Data Types in C, Operators, Arrays, Conditional Statements etc. This will assist you to build a solid foundation in C Programming Language.

Advanced C Programming Workshop

Once you have mastered these foundational concepts of C Programming, you will be ready to move on to the More advanced concepts in C languagePointers, Memory, Manipulating Strings, Arrays, Files, Inputs and outputs

Some of the Advanced C Language Concepts we cover in our 2 day public classes in Singapore:

     * Working with bits: number system, OR, XOR , NOT ,Setting bit flags, Bitwise shift operators, Extracting bit values

     * Pointing to data: Getting values via pointers, Passing pointers to function, Arrays of pointers, Pointing to functions

     * Manipulating strings: String function, Working with strings

     * Building structures: Nested structures, Array & pointers in structures, Array of structures

     * Union: Array of union

     * Standard input & output file streams: Working with files

     * Header Function and Linking File: Function in custom headers, Multiple source files linking  files, Static functions.

It is best to take the Basic and Advanced course together – back to back. You can finish it in the same week, and be ready to start coding in C language.

Why not take this opportunity to check out the course outlines, and enroll in the C Language Training Programs. Check out our Training Calendar and Register online for C Programming Courses. You can also call us at +65 6296-2995, or email to us.

Intellisoft Systems Team

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