Beat The Haze. Boost Employee Skills & Productivity

improve the skills and productivity of your team during the haze

It is the time of the year when the haze strikes Singapore. From the weather forecast, it is expected to stay from September to November, due to forest fires in Indonesia & the prolonged El-Nino effect.

The Singapore ministries have urged people to stay indoors, and avoid strenuous exercises or outdoor exposure.

This does not cause much concern for the office goers… but for the people who have to stay outdoors to make a living – the technicians, service engineers, builders, foremen, from the service, oil & gas, marine, offshore kind of industries, it is a major concern.

It is important to take care of the employees, and ensure their safety and health. Simply giving out masks may not be enough. It is best to stay indoors.

One of the things that companies can do is to use this time to boost employee productivity, by sending their staff for training to improve their skills, and boost their productivity.

Steven Covey, in his famous book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” says that the 7th Habit – “Sharpen The Saw” is often the most overlooked habit.

Because we are so busy, in our “busyness”, we tend to forget, or postpone it to “someday”, or simply ignore the most important thing – our skills, our knowledge – the things that provide us with the  ability to get things done, earn our daily bread, and provide for our families.

So what can you do now… while waiting for the haze to clear?

Be Proactive: Take some action now that will protect and secure your future.

Use this time wisely. Invest it in your education, skill building, capability building. Not just for your self, but for your employees also.

What kind of Training is available for you and your employees?

  • Computer Literacy: All people should know how to work on a computer. Basic skills like using the keyboard, using the mouse, and knowing the basics of Windows, Email does help everyone. With the declining cost of computers, there is no dearth of cheap computers. Even construction workers enjoy learning how to send an email back home.
  • Basic Microsoft Office Skills: People like the office receptionist, admin staff, coordinators should all know the basic computer literacy, and more… they should know how to use Microsoft Excel to create a simple spreadsheet to track employee lists, inventory, pantry lists.They can learn how to create simple checklists, track expenses, and do simple calculations with basic formulas in Microsoft Excel. Learning about fonts, margins, tabs, documents, templates, spell checks, etc. can provide the basic skills for workers to write simple emails, type out letters, documents, and summarize minutes of meetings, all using Microsoft Word.

Word Templates, Form Letters, Mail Merge, Creating Table of Contents, using the Thesaurus, Dictionary, using advanced document management options can benefit the people who do a lot of document management, and type policy and other documents using Microsoft Word training. PowerPoint presentations go much beyond the basic bullet points.

Today, you can build transitions, animation effects, YouTube videos, time and rehearse the presentation, and apply sophisticated themes, and styles, embed Excel charts, or Word Documents, and Present in numerous ways. Advanced Printing options allow you to print handouts, create slide shows, and deliver killer presentations.

  • Project Management Skills: Most junior, middle level executives, and even managers are working on some project or the other. In fact, most are working on multiple projects. Wouldn’t it be beneficial to pick up some basic and intermediate level Microsoft Project skills, that will enable you to come up with the Gantt Chart, check the feasibility of the project vis-a-vis the available resources,  budget, and timeline.

Microsoft Project goes beyond a basic task list. Now you can establish a baseline, check progress against the plans, and take corrective actions intermediately, as the data is gathered directly from the workers, saving time, and prompting better and faster decision making. The newer version of Microsoft Project are getting better in terms of speed, and performance too!

  • Soft Skills: Hard computer skills are good, but they do not teach you how to communicate, how to interact with people, and how to solve problems creatively. Learning how to communicate, how to get your ideas across, and how to lead, motivate, inspire your team to greater goals is a worthy effort, and is a continuous, life long learning.

Identify the areas of improvement, training for each of your staff, executives, project managers, and the leadership team. Go for it. Quickly put some concrete steps to Get The Edge!… while waiting for the haze to clear.

Once the haze clears, you and your team will have greater clarity to achieve your organization’s vision, and will have the knowledge, skills, tips, tricks to move to the next level!

Use Government Funding for Training your staff. We can advise you on how to apply and claim the available training grants for your organization.

The Intellisoft Training team is here to help you. If you would like to discuss about the training options, need to do a training needs analysis, and help you in choosing the different types of Word or Excel training courses for your team, simply call us at +65-6296-2995 or email to

We will be glad to assist you in beating the haze, and transforming your organization for tomorrow!

Vinai Prakash
CEO & Founder,
Intellisoft Training

The PMP Exam is Changing in Jan 2016

The PMP Exam is changing on Jan 12, 2016.

Although it is still based on the PMBOK Guide, Fifth Edition, there are changes in the tasks you are tested on. Make sure you are attending the latest training for PMP exam, which is updated for the revisions in the tasks.

This change is caused because PMI regularly conducts the RDS, and based on the results, it will tweak the PMP exam format.

Do you know what’s changing, and How will it impact you…

Do you have any of these questions on the PMP Exam?

  1. How to prepare for the PMP exam?*
  2. What to study for the PMP exam?*
  3. How to study for the PMP exam?*
  4. What are the changes to the PMP exam?*
  5. What is the eligibility criteria for the PMP exam?*
  6. How to get the 35 PDU certificate?*
  7. How long should I study for the PMP exam?*
  8. What books should I read for the PMP exam preparation?*
  9. What exactly is changing in the PMP exam?*
  10. How am I impacted? When should I take the PMP exam?*

If you have any of these questions, you can come and attend our PMP Exam Preview Session, and get the answers to these questions.

WHEN: 19-Dec-2015, 10 am

WHERE: Intellisoft Systems Training Room, #06-05 Golden Mile Complex, BeachRoad, Singapore

HOW TO REGISTER: Click here to Register for the PMP Exam Preview Session

PMP Exam Preparation: Preview Sessions Each Month

Are you an active Project Manager?

Are you looking for ways to stand out, accelerate your career and get recognition?

If you are, then you should be planning to get the most coveted Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification from PMI Inc. of USA.

It is the top qualification for Project Managers, and is very well received in Singapore. In fact, Singapore ranks as one of the Top 5 countries where the maximum number of PMPs come from.

The PMP exam is not easy. More than half the people who attempt the exam can’t pass it in their first attempt. So don’t take this lightly.

Intellisoft is holding a Preview Session this March 2012, where our senior PMP trainers will give you an overview of the exam.

Some of the Topics covered in the Intellisoft PMP Exam Preview Session are:

  • About the PMP Exam,
  • Eligiblity criteria for the PMP Exam,
  • Methodology used in  the Intellisoft 5 Day PMP Exam Preparation Workshop (available on Weekdays or Weekends)
  • Our Trainers
  • Our exam centric teaching approach
  • CITREP Grant, eligibility, how to claim, claim % etc.
  • The Intellisoft PMP Exam Passing Percentage
  • Change to the Exam, its format,
  • Types of PMP Exam Questions, and the Right approach to answer the questions.
  • Question & Answers Session – where you can ask any questions you have, and our PMP trainers will answer them for you.

If you would like to attend the PMP Exam Preview session at Intellisoft, you can join us by sending an email to Kamini.

Intellisoft Training Schedule:
Intellisoft will be hosting Weekday and Weekend Training Programs for PMP Exam Preparations. You can check the latest PMP Training Schedule here.

Registration for the PMP Exam Prep Workshop:
You can register online for the PMP Training conducted at Intellisoft.

35 Contact Hour Certificate:
Intellisoft Systems will provide you with a 35 PDU certificate at the end of the 5 day PMP training program. This will enable you to attain Education Requirements for the PMP examination.

PMI Registered Education Provider (PMI R.E.P.)
Intellisoft Systems has been awarded the Global PMI Registered Education Provider by PMI. So you can be sure that you are getting quality PMP training and education, provided by our PMP Certified Trainers.

Simply sign up for the PMP Preview Session, and get to know more about how you can qualify and attain the PMP Certification, and boost your career with professional certification!

See you for the PMP Exam Preview Talk at Intellisoft Training Centre in Singapore!

Meet us at Career 2012 in Suntec: Mar1-4

Intellisoft Systems Booth For Microsoft Training

Just wanted to share with you that Intellisoft Systems has setup a stall at the ongoing Career 2012 show in Suntec.

If you would like to meet us, come down to the Career 2012 show going on at Suntec Exhibition Hall, on the 4th Level.

Intellisoft Systems Booth For Microsoft Training

Intellisoft Systems Booth For Microsoft Training.

It is on from March 1-4, 2012.  We are part of the Singapore Professional Centre booth, just next to the entrance.

Talk to our Training Coordinators and Trainers on this stall, if you are planning to get training in Singapore or anywhere in Asia.

We have Excel Training, VBA Training, PMP Training, PHP Training & MySQL Training Coordinators available at our stall.

Do take the opportunity to meet us, and share tips on Training, improving productivity and getting a skilled workforce for your company.

Practical hands-on Excel training at Intellisoft, Singapore
Practical hands-on training at Intellisoft, Singapore

We are also offering attractive discounts for Corporate Trainings signed up at the Career 2012 show in Suntec.

Call us at +65 6296 2995 for more information!

Calculating CPF Contribution for Employees in Singapore


Most countries have some kind of mandatory deduction to the income. It could be income tax – tax deducted at source, or it could be Provident Fund, or some other voluntary contribution.

Singapore CPF Rules
In Singapore, all salaried employees need to contribute 5-20% of their salary, depending on age into their Central Provident Fund ( also called as CPF). The employer contributes 6.5 to 16% of the salary to the CPF Fund, depending on the age of the worker.

Excel for HR Professionals
Excel for HR Professionals

So payroll executives from Finance or HR professionals need to calculate the correct amount for the contribution to CPF, and provide the net salary to the employees. Employer also needs to know their total payroll expenses so as to know their Payroll Liability each month.

Calculating CPF Rates for Employee & Employer in Singapore
I have created a simple Excel spreadsheet to calculate the CPF Rates and Amounts in Singapore in this matter. If you wish to use this you can fill in your own employees details, their age & basic pay, and the following is automatically calculated:

Learn Microsoft Excel 2019
Learn Advanced Excel 2019 @Intellisoft
  • Employee’s contribution,
  • The employer contribution,
  • Total payable to CPF,
  • Net salary to employee
  • Gross Salary expense of employer

The spreadsheet uses simple formulas that are already pre-programmed. So you can just begin to use this spreadsheet for your company.  It has been tested for CPF Contribution Rates in 2013 and beyond, and  everything will work smoothly.

If you need any enhancements in calculating CPF contribution and Payroll expenses for companies in Singapore, or have any comments, do let us know. You can leave a comment below this post.

And of course, if you wish to learn how to create such excel spreadsheets, and use simple Microsoft Excel formulas and functions, you can also attend our Microsoft Excel Training classes in Singapore.

Advanced Excel 2016 Course ( 2 Days)  – with SDF Funding

Advanced Excel 2019 Course (2 Days) – with SDF Funding

Basic / Intermediate 2016 Training (2 Days) – With SDF Funding

Basic / Intermediate Excel 2019 Training (2 Days) – With SDF Funding

Excel for HR Professionals

Hope you like this CPF Calculator Excel Template for calculating the CPF in Singapore. If you like it, I would appreciate if you Like Us on Facebook, and leave a comment below!

Vinai Prakash, MBA, PMP, ITIL, GAP, Six Sigma
Master Trainer, Intellisoft Systems

Vinai teaches Advanced Excel Techniques, Dashboard Techniques using Excel, Data Interpretation and Analysis Training courses at Intellisoft. He has trained over 5000 students in over 18 countries, and regularly conducts Excel Workshops in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, India, Dubai, Egypt, Zimbabwe, South Africa etc.

Contact Intellisoft to book a Certified Microsoft Excel Trainer for your Training needs.

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