New Features in Microsoft Access

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If you’re searching for a more flexible data management system, a database might be just the salvation you’re looking for and Microsoft Access 2013 provides an excellent option. With Access 2013 you will experience new interface with different look and feel. It has got sleeker look and it has more colors to make it more modern style.

You can not only save the document which you can access anywhere but at the same time you can collaborate it with other people.

Microsoft Access 2013

Features of Access 2013

Access 2013 has changed the tabs of ribbons and made it capitalized which was not there before.

Also if you have not worked with SkyDrive before that’s something which is going to be new for you. Want to explore this?

So when you are trying to open any new or existing document you don’t only have a option of choosing it from Recent but also you can also select it from SkyDrive.

After entering your account details it enters into your SkyDrive and then you can browse your database the same way as you browse in windows explorer. Like downloading we can also upload our local database to the SkyDrive.

Access 2013 has moved towards the Cloud and can now produce Web Apps which can be accessed through a browser.

There’s a quantity of Wizard help available in constructing these, so you’re not working from the skretch up when constructing one. Navigation and different views are pre-constructed, as long as the Web App you’re after can be based on one of the database templates provided.

Here are the top features you should explore in Access 2013.

  • Using Templates in Access 2013
  • Apps in Access 2013
  • A Focus on the Web: Office 365, SharePoint 2013, and Access 2013
  • SQL Server: Behind the Scenes of Access 2013

If you would like to learn more about these new features in Microsoft Access 2013,

or would like to attend the Microsoft Access Training, do contact us at Intellisoft Systems.

Avoid Crowded Worksheets with this button

One simple way to reduce worksheet crowding is to rotate your column labels so that they read up, down, or vertically.

Add them to the Format toolbar, as follows:

  1. Choose Tools + Customize.
  2. Then Click the Commands tab.
  3. Under Categories, choose Format.
  4. Under Commands, find the Vertical Text button and drag it into place on your Formatting toolbar.
  5. Repeat Step 4 to drag the Rotate Text Up, Rotate Text Down, and, if needed Angle Text Upward and Angle Text Downward buttons to the Formatting toolbar

Now, whenever you want to angle or rotate text, just select the cell(s) and click the appropriate button. It will save you space, and make it easier to read and avoid eye strain

Sparklines Microsoft Excel

Practical hands-on basic Excel training

In Microsoft Excel, some of the new features are sparklines and slicers, and improvements to PivotTables and other existing features, can help us to discover patterns or trends in the data. To get started with the features of Excel, first we will look at the details of the  Sparklines and slicers features of Excel.


Sparklines are tiny charts that is used to fit in a cell to visually summarize trends beside the data.

Since sparklines show trends occupies less space, they are exclusively useful for dashboards and other places where we need to show a glimpse of the business in an simple practical visual format.

In the image to the left, the sparklines that appear in the Trend column lets us have a quick look of the performance of each department in the month of May.


Slicers are visual controls. They let us quickly refine data in a PivotTable in an interactive, automatic manner. If we insert a slicer, we can use buttons to quickly segment and refine the data to display appropriate results.

Not only that, when we apply more than one filter to the PivotTable, we no longer have to open a list to see which filters are enforced to the data. Rather, it is displayed on the screen in the slicer.

We can make slicers relate to the workbook formatting and easily reuse them in other PivotTables & PivotCharts.

excel trainingIf you would like to learn more about these new features of Microsoft Excel 2010 or 2013, or would like to attend the Advanced Microsoft Excel Training, do contact us at Intellisoft Systems.

If you have any further questions or want to join a training on how to use Sparklines, contact Intellisoft for Corporate Training on Excel 2010 or call at +65 6296-2995

Trainer: We have certified trainers who excel in imparting their knowledge and are very patient. Master Trainer Vinai teaches Advanced Excel Techniques, Dashboard Techniques using Excel, Data Interpretation and Analysis Training courses at Intellisoft.

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SEO Training in Singapore – 2 Full Days

SEO training at Intellisoft, Singapore
2 Days SEO Training in Singapore
2 Days SEO Training in Singapore

When it comes to website design, most people take an active interest in the aesthetics, look and feel, font sizes, and content.  And once the website is completed, they just wait for traffic to show up automatically. They do not realise that websites are ranked by Google, and it is not difficult or impossible to get a higher rank in the Search Engines.

Getting a higher rank in the Search Engines is not only left to the Experts, the SEO Gurus, the Black Hat SEOs.

Now, you can learn to optimize your own website, and get a higher rank in the Search Engines too.

Intellisoft is organizing a 2 day, practical, hands on training on learning the tips, tricks, and trade secrets of optimizing websites – Doing SEO – on your own.

Join us for this 2 days workshop in singapore. Bring your own Website, and we will teach you the step by step procedure to optimize it for higher rankings in search engines.

In fact, Intellisoft Systems conducts Corporate and Public Training in Singapore for Internet Marketing. There are a whole series of course for Internet Marketers

1. Pay per Click Advertising Workshop (PPC Training)

2. Email Marketing Training – Best & Cheapest Way to Market your products and Services.

3. Facebook Marketing for Businesses – A great way to network with clients, prospects, friends and generate a healthy return with minimal efforts.

Join today! and Learn to do the SEO of your own website, easily, without any hassles.

See you soon in class –
Intellisoft Systems – Providing Practical Training Tips, Tricks and Advice

Advantages of JavaScript

Speed: Being client-side, JavaScript is very fast because any code functions can be run immediately instead of having to contact the server and wait for an answer.

Simplicity: JavaScript is relatively simple to learn and implement.

Versatility: JavaScript plays nicely with other languages and can be used in a huge variety of applications. Unlike PHP or SSI scripts, JavaScript can be inserted into any web page regardless of the file extension. JavaScript can also be used inside scripts written in other languages such as Perl and PHP.

Server Load: Being client-side reduces the demand on the website server.

Libraries: Many code libraries for JavaScript functions are freely available. These allow developers to provide extensive levels of functionality without having to implement the details themselves.

Content Management: JavaScript allows developers a level of flexibility in terms of the information that is displayed within a page.

Styling: JavaScript can alter the style of website elements as users interact with them. Common uses of this technique include altering the appearance of an interactive item such as a menu option when the user moves her mouse on and off it, changing the colors and images displayed within it. JavaScript can also create animations within Web pages, making the appearance and disappearance of page elements smoother and more engaging.

Interactivity: JavaScript functions often enhance interactivity with a Web page. Developers can create JavaScript functions to implement interactivity within user control features.

Related Training: Join our 2 days JavaScript Programming for Web

Using Pivot Table Data in Summary Sheets

Learn Pivot Tables Easily

Pivot tables are a great boon in Excel. Previously, getting IT departments to write custom reports used to take ages. And even if you could get a report written for your needs, by the time you got it, it was too late, or you wanted to look at information from another angle.

With Pivot tables, you can now create your own reports in no time. And you can slice and dice information pretty easily, with just a few clicks.

However, even though Pivot tables are great, they are not the best tool  for presenting information for the senior management. There may be times when you want to pick up certain information from the pivot table, format it nicely, and present it with other summary figures.

To use the summarized data from the pivot table, but make it more presentable,  you can use an extremely useful function of Excel called the GetPivotData.

Enabling GetPivotData Button
It is very easy to get this function to work. This little gem is hidden right within the Pivot Toolbar. Just right click on the Pivot Toolbar, right at the end, and select customize. Pick Add/Remove Buttons.

Select GetPivotData button. This is a toggle button – click it once and it gets enabled, and another click disables it. You can see a slight change in the icon when it is enabled or disabled.

Once the button is highlighted, you can begin writing your formula. Start with a = sign in a black cell where you want a pivot table value. then point to any cell in the Pivot Table. Its value is captured in your formula.

As long as the data is available and visible in the Pivot table, you can move the data around from rows to columns or page fields, but it will still appear correctly in the presentation area.

Go ahead. Give it a try and make your data presentation summaries more dynamic and presentable. Any questions or comments, do let me know.

Editor, Microsoft Excel Tips Blog

Intellisoft Launches Oracle SQL Expert Certification Training

Oracle SQL Expert Certification is an excellent way to demonstrate your expertise, build your credibility, and boost your career in the Oracle Relational Database Management by writing fast and efficient SQL.

Whether you are an Oracle application developer, an SQL Query Writer, or creating Web ASP.Net / PHP Programs, it is essential to know the full potential of the Oracle SQL Database engine, and the best way to write simple, complex and powerful SQL Queries that deliver quick results for your end users.

Oracle SQL expert certification requires a thorough knowledge and understanding of SQL. The certification will test your knowledge, and application experience with multiple questions.

Anyone can brag about their expertise and experience, but Certification also gives confidence to the employer, and shows that you are serious about your career.

Certification demonstrates your expertise, knowledge, experience and builds your credibility. It also gives you the confidence, and helps you plan your next career move.

Intellisoft Systems, a premier training and skills development institute, has come up with a detailed, 5 day training and coaching program that gives you the required knowledge, skills, step by step approach to learn to build, manage, execute and manage simple to complex SQL database queries, and build robust SQL that can handle the pressure of small and large businesses with ease.

After this training, you will have the required skills and know how to prepare and give the Oracle SQL Expert Certification Examination with ease. This course is appropriate if you are using Oracle 10g or Oracle 11g database.  This course is well suited for beginners and advanced users of Oracle, who are vying for Formal Oracle Certification in the use of SQL – with passing the Oracle SQL Expert certification exam.  Course Duration: 5 Full Days (9am – 5pm)

This course is well suited for beginners and advanced users of Oracle, who are vying for Formal Oracle Certification in the use of SQL – with passing the Oracle SQL Expert certification exam.
Course Duration: 5 Full Days (9am – 5pm)

The Oracle SQL Expert Certification (1Z0-047) is a 2 hour test with 70 multiple choice questions. You need to score 66% to pass the exam and gain this coveted certification. The exam can be scheduled at any PearsonVue Centre, and there are several centres in each country, with  15+ examination centres in Singapore alone.

The SQL Expert Certification Training and Coaching is provided by Vinai Prakash, founder and CEO of Intellisoft Systems. He has over 25 years of experience working with SQL Databases, and has extensive experience with Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase, and many other databases. His expertise in Business Intelligence, Performing Complex Query Optimization and Managing Large and Distributed databases is exceptional. Further, Vinai is passionate about training, and has been conducting Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL training and consulting projects over the past 20 years.

Certification is the way to go for adding value to your portfolio, differentiating yourself from your peers, and raising your standard. It is a must for continuous, lifelong learning.

Contact Intellisoft at +65 6296-2995 or email to for more information, training dates, and for training course registration.

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